Friday, November 25, 2011

Go'n Home....

In 1972 I left Texas during hard times for a better job and adventure in the big City of Atlanta. Ga. When I climbed off that Greyhound bus, tool boxes in tact, my clothes in a little brown paper bag, I says "WHOA!!!!" I had been to Houston on many occasions, but this is Atalanta....it's huge. Got a little apartment and went to work immediately.Think it was $8 a hour or something like that. Opened a small construction business (renovation, systems repair, painting, roofing and plumbing).

As time passed, things got tight....with the divorce and all. Loaded up my tools and headed north to West by God Virginia. Don't even ask why. Now you talk bout being stuck in some God forsaken far off corner of the world, this was it. Weren't nuttin but "hill billy's" everywheres ya look. One leg was shorter than the other. Even the wimmins had a chunk of "chew" in their cheeks. Opened a refrigeration business (Servico Refrigeration) due to the shortage of English speaking service people (these were hill billy's ya know). In 1980, I was hospitalized from an accident and spent the next 6 months living on the floor. This was the start of the back problems I have today. It was all down hill from there. This cost me a very productive and lucrative ($$$) business. 

In 1987 it was time to move on. Headed back to Texas....Port Aransas matter of fact. Started up another refrigeration business and within a years time I was hired by The University of Texas, where I worked for the next 15 years. Gave up the refrigeration business and was think'n retirement in my latter years.

With the sale of my boat and what little I had saved up in a old dirty sock, I bought my first motorhome..."Alice". Made a few runs around Texas before my retirement in Jan., 2002. Stay'n close to home ya know.

After retirement, longer trips were made between California, Missouri and Georgia with Port Aransas as homebase.. Right bout 6,000 mile a year or therebouts. In 2004 after the sale on my stick house in San Antone, I traded "Alice" for a brand spank'n new 35 foots mansion...or so I thought. Great big Chevylay 8.1 vortec engine, 4 speed Allison tranny, dual exhaust romp'n stomp'n hot rod. Go a hunnert mile a hour. Hit the roads to places unknown. Deming being one of my favorite stops, I planted my roots here in 2005. Don't ask why. Convenience and cheap is probably the only real honest answer. Although, I do love the desert.

Now I'm go'n back home.....TEXAS. Now don't be sit'n there think'n that I'm all excitis bout this move, 'cause I ain't. I ain't young no more. I think things out, unlike what I used to do. This is a stressful move for an old cogger like me, not know'n where the hell I'm gonna end up. I think "that's all I have to say bout that" (GUMP) right now.

Rain set in yesterday afternoon. I ain't talk'n a little rain, I'm talk'n rain all night long....an' still rain'n. Last I hear, 1 3/4 inches. Let'er rain, I ain't go'n no where today no hows. Holy crap, my batteries are low, ain't got no sunshine and I ain't go'n out there in the rain to hook up the battery charger. No....the converter is disconnected...for those what know what a converter is (a device that converts 115 volts to 12 volts for charging dead batteries and 12 volt supply to "da house"). Two fuses Billy Bob, that all ya got to do....two fuses.


  1. TYTYTY Really enjoyed your blog today.
    That rain is headed this way, i think. lol,,somehow, it manages to miss us almost every time.
    Surely, when u get settled, wherever it might be, u will build another "Porch". Nothing like sitting on a porch, drinking, thinking,,passing time..

  2. I hope you find what you are looking for. I looked everywhere I've gone and gone back to some and looked again. Went back to Arkansas where I was born and raised and it wasn't there. In fact where I was born and raised wasn't there either. Came here in '93 following a job but still looking. I didn't find it.
    What I did find was a place to stop looking out and start looking in.
    I'm the oldest in my family now and although I can see how it could have been different if I had taken the other path of the many forks in the paths I've taken I would not change it.
    My poor wife (SWMBO) still sees the greener grass on the other side of the fence but I believe she knows that if she goes there it won't be.

  3. Sooo whereabouts in Texas are you gonna end up? Been thinking if we can scoot out for 3-4 weeks this winter, (instead of 7 going all the way out to the slabs) maybe we would just go south to Texas to find some warmth and sunshine for vacation?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Well dag nad-it Luke, look what ole BB is doing, he's going to South Texas instead of to the SLAB'S.

    I guess he is taking the Duck Puppies with him along with Fred.

    I don't blame him for heading south where he can set on his porch and sip a cup without freezing.

    Good luck BB and keep us up to date.

  5. I'm surprised your business was lucrative BB, what with them hillbilly's always tryin to pay folks with food instead a cash. " I give ya 6 fresh squirrels and a bucket a corn ifin ya fix my fridge." I suppose they trusted ya see'n hows ya already knowed how to speak hillbilly an all. We don't trust no city folk what speaks that improper english ya know. Really enjoyed your blog today BB and don't worry none bout movin. Things always work out in the long run. Especially when ya consider... there aint no place like home.

  6. You are always welcome here at DizzyDick's place. Just give me some advance warning so you don't get shot (grin).

  7. Well, I am disappointed, why would you head back to Tex when you have all that solar and ready to boondock? U can stay in the desert for free!

  8. Hey Anon, the sun shines other places, too. Right BB?