Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where I at????

Boy howdy, is it ever confusing when ya wake up and don't know where you at. Last night I wake up a bunch a times wonder'n why people was in my yard. But they weren't. I don't have a yard no more. It's back there bout 475 miles. I think anyone that travels have this same feeling when you're half asleep an' see a big ol' truck park next to ya what wasn't there when ya went to sleep. Or maybe it's just me.

Don't know how today is gonna turn out. Right now I ain't ready to hit the road quite yet, but then I ain't drunk up a whole pot of coffee yet.

Ya know what really gripes me? Old historical buildings. Here I are sit'n in Judge Roy Beans front yard and right across the street sits one of his rivals old grocery stores.

Last year it was in bad shape from lack of proper maintenance by historical organizations or locals in the community. This year, it is ready for the bulldozers to scrape it up and haul off to the dump.

Last year......

This year.....
It's gone, only two standing walls.....gone, Pooof, just like that.
Across the street is another very old building, board and batten bout to fall down. Has America lost all of it's historical pride? These old buildings is the history of bygone years. Fix the damn things before they are ALL gone.

Ok, here's the deal. My Verizon card don't work no more, so I have to depend on WIFI anywheres I can steal it. If there's no blog post, ya know old Billy Bob ain't got no internet. Next stop is Del Rio, Texas, and there ain't no internet there as you remember from a couple months back when me and Barney was camp'n out there. Why would the biggest internet provider not have towers in Del Rio? Maybe time to switch providers???

Look'n like I might get in some fish'n at Lake Amistad if'n the weather holds out. Supposed to be in the upper 60's to lower 70's for the next week or so. Catch me up some them big ol' bass fishes if'n I can remember where Barney took me. Don't know how long I'll be camped at the lake, but you can be certain I'm gonna have me some fun.  Might be a good time to brew up a pot of Billy Bob chili....huh?

Holy Crap, I'm out of eggs. Milk is sour. Where the grocery store??? Ain't got no donuts neither.....damn. MsB.....help!!!


  1. The place we both caught fish was Rough Canyon. Black Brush Point and boat ramp is where you caught the fish and I was skunked.

    Since Bubba Boat is registered it needs a Lake Permit to be legal on Amistad.

  2. Fish??? What fish?,, no pics, no fish,,,lololol.
    Hey, that chili sounds great. But u need eggs and milk to make it? Don't know bout that. hahahaha

  3. http://billybobsplace.blogspot.com/2011/10/on-road-again.html for Amistad fish last time we were there.

  4. Here I am Billy Bob. Been washing and hanging clothes all day like I was some kind of laundry lady so had not had a chance to go online.

    Hurry on down to Del Rio, Wal-Mart is opened 24 hours for your shopping pleasure. I think they close HEB at midnight.

    That is a real shame about those historical places going to pot.