Monday, December 5, 2011

Catch'n up....

Friday Dec. 2, 1922

Ok, where have all the days gone? I know I missed yesterday and there's a possibility I may miss today too. It's not like I have internet any ol' time I want it. I got to go downtown for that.

Anyhows, yesterday (thursday) started out as a dreary nasty day. It was cold and windy up till bout 3pm or so. And I was out there on the lake fish'n with my neighbor buddy Mike in his big ol' bass boat. Well it ain't really a bass bout, but we was bass fish'n. Catch a fish??? Well hell no I didn't catch no fish. If I had, I would be called a "catcherman", not a "fisherman".

Today totally sucks. It stayed warm all night with the clouds hold'n the heat in from escaping to the moon, or where ever it goes at night. Got up to 54 degs this morning (friday), what ain't bad at all. But it ain't change all day long. It's still 54 degs....give or take a couple. I think more of the same is expected for tomorrow.

When I go off to town to make this post, somebody remind me to write MsB's phone number down....OK??? It's in my email and I can't get to my email without internet.

Ain't got nuttin to say. Wait for tomorrow.
What's her name came by for a short visit. Ya see, I were cut'n up some taters to fry and I see something out the corner my eye. "What the hell was that"? Someone was sneak'n up on my camp....tak'n pics an' stuff. It were our MsB. Sure do make old Billy Bob feel good when someone come to visit.

Sunday.....December 4th
HUH??? Was I supposed to go to town and find some WIFI??? I ain't gonna do it.
It was a terrible day. Windy, rain and cold.

Monday December 5th....
Well shoot, here it is another week already. Figgered I would stay another week in hopes of catch'n me up a big ol' bass fish, what I ain't done yet. I knows they out there 'cause Minnisota Mike is been catch'n 'em one right after the other.  But then he's on the front of the boat and everybody knows there ain't no fish behind the boat. If there is, I sure ain't fount one.

Been rough, I mean to tell ya, rough, with no internet. Kind of remind me of these young kids what plays all them computer games online. "Oh my god, what I gonna do now...internet down". I remember a time way back before internet when we had to devise instruments of destruction...an' stuff like that, to entertain ourselves. We played outside....rain or shine. Now what do we do? Sit in front of a computer writ'n silly stuff while the TV is blar'n in the background. Don't know bout the rest of ya, but old Billy Bob spend bout 4 hour a day on the internet...research'n, writ'n blogs, email,....silly stuff when I should be outside soak'n up sunshine an' catch'n fish.

Which brings me back to what I been harp'n on for the last 2 years....."I can't do that stuff no more". Boy howdy, does that piss me off when I think how active I used to be. And that ain't been very long ago neither. Ya see, I get me a wild hair and decide I gonna go climb that mountain over there. I goes out and buy me all kind of mountain climb'n stuff, drive to the bottom the mountain and ....pooof, there go that grand idea. Cain't do it.

Me and Mike been talk'n bout run'n down to Zapata, Texas when we leave here. Maybe not together, but none the less, it's an idea.

Ok, it's off to town and find me some WIFI. Well naturally, hit up Walmart for some fish'n stuff.
See all my blog friends on the next trip to town. Have a good'un folks.


  1. Glad to hear from you and You looked real good in the pictures that MsB took. When I get a little younger, I will look as good as you.

  2. Glad to see ur still alive and kicking,,,Are u spitting on ur bait? Is it still warm down there?
    Not gonna have a fish fry yet?
    lol,,,u got what i have,,old age.

  3. Billy Bob look in your phone records and you will see my phone number or listen to your voice messages.

    Lol word verification is "repent"

  4. Looks like you got out of Deming just in time. Check out rvsue's blog.
    Can you imagine all the snowball fights you could be having about now or maybe you prefer snow "angels" ?