Tuesday, September 8, 2009

electrical job

"my 40,000 mile dog...Boudreaux"
Gold prospecting in southern Ca. 2005

Up at the usual golf time this morning....'cause today is a golf day. Beautiful cool cloudy morning for a great game. Wore me a long sleeve shirt over my 'pull over' golf swak'n shirt for the first 4 holes. Yesterday I would have had to wear a winter jacket 'cause it were COLD.

Ok, here's the deal. Y'all know I went off to the hardware store yesterday and ya may think I never come back....but I did...with enough stuff to wire my inverter into the living room and kitchen in "da house".

Starting at the inverter end back there where I keep the batteries, I strung me out bout 20 feet of 14-2 w/g along with the remote on/off switch for the inverter. Drilled some holes and away we go, following right along with the wire I ran for the solar panels. Up through the floor into the water heater compartment, under some slide drawers...what I forgot how to take out, under the refrigerator where the furnace is at and through that double wall in the kitchen. Bingo, we half way home.

Went back out to the battery compartment to retrieve the rest of the wire. Cut 'er off and installed the plug for the inverter, plugged it in and went back in to pull more wire to the front of "da house". Of course, it was through 10 feet of cabinets with three more double walls. Put in the box and hooked'er up. Back to the kitchen to make the final connections. HOLY COWS someone done smak'd me with a monkey wrench. Good thing I was sit'n down 'cause that sucker were HOT. "Billy Bob, was the inverter turned on"???????? Went out to look and lookie here, it were ON. Took all afternoon for the professional installation, but old Billy Bob is using the coffee pot, computer and satellite system on the inverter. Ain't life just grand when a plan comes through???

Today, I had plans to put stuff back together what I had to take apart yesterday, but as usual, it may be a wait'n for tomorrow. Ain't life just grand when ya can put things off till tomorrow???


  1. lol, always a pleasure to see what trouble you get into. By the way you got your throne back I'm back to work yippee.

  2. Well, done, thanks for the update. and remember like Scarlett O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day " :-)

    Bet all your local fans and followers can rest more easy, knowing you didn't lectocute yourself or burn nuthing down. :-)

  3. Your right Ben...I am resting easier this evening knowing that Billy Bob is alive and kickin'...YAHOOOO!

  4. Who the h*** is Scarlet O'Hara???? Was that the witch in "Yeller Brick Road"?
    Speak'n of yeller brick road, did you know all roads go to the same place...ya can never get lost in the US. Now...desert and woods are a different story.

    A the ripe old age of 41, ya better not be late either.

    LOL Diana, it would take more than a bolt of lightning to do in the Billy Bob.
    Speak'n of bolt of lightning...did I ever tell ya bout the time.....