Wednesday, September 23, 2009

almost at "da beach"

Boy howdy.... is it good to be in Texas or what? Last night was perfect for if'n ya wanna sleep like a baby. Slept right through all them loud trucks pull'n in and out all night long. Yeah....this is Texas. The Lone Star State, Center of America, Cowboys and genuine Texas "rednecks". Ya know what I'm talk'n bout, right?

What time I usually get up is done went and gone. It weren't till 7:30 when I opened my eyes to this God awful sound parked right next to me. Bang'n and clang'n with hammers and wrenches and "little voices" of some sort. Look out the window and "holy cow", it were an ancient van type truck pull'n another ancient van type truck. Two little "china" guys were fix'n stuff. Then they started that thing up. Clouds of black smoke filled the air and both little "china" guys was grin'n from ear to ear. Spit'n an sputter'n, them little ancient van type trucks headed south in another cloud of white smoke. Will they make their destination????

Only bout 100 mile to "da beach" in Port Aransas. Most people would already been there, bait'n their hooks and catch'n fish. But old Billy Bob ain't got no hurry. Gots to stop and look at stuff, smell stuff and take it easy....lay back. That's the difference between being retired and being "fully" retired.

See ya in Port A.......

1:45pm...after a short nap.
See there, didn't I tell ya so? Old Billy Bob is in Port Aransas, Texas, all hook up and bask'n in clouds and rain. Ain't look'n too good for the next few days if'n ya believe what the weather guy has to say. The lady at the check in said they got a little over an inch last night and my golf'n buddy Ron says they expecting up to three inches tonight. But I gonna be optimistic and predict sunshine for the next week beginning tomorrow. Dry things out, bikinies on "da beach" and a wonderful golf game before the week is out. Well poop, here come the rain again. On and off, on and off, drizzle, drizzle. By the way, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae dropped two big ole logs soon as we got here.
Just thought you should know!!!


  1. Congrats BB on making it to Port A.. I saw a short part of some TV Station down that way and they were watching a big storm near the Yucatan? might be the reason the gulf is so rough? Storm brewing out in the Gulf somewhere?

  2. No Ben, it's coming out of the north. Looks like it's gonna be better weather tomorrow, but ya never know.

  3. might get cold on ya, commin from the north.

    Is the wind gonna keep you tied down?

  4. I told you so...you were not going to be stopped for your expired sticker!!

    You have golf buddies everywhere Billy Bob. Is this campground one you usually stay at?

    Hope the rain doesnt come your way so you can have a great golf day.

    Have you heard from Wayne?

  5. It's good weather to be in Texas. Sure loving whatever brought this in.