Friday, September 25, 2009

dismal weather

Got up this morning and it just like yesterday morning. What sucks. Clouds, wind, chilly and not a ray of sunshine. Is this a sign of winter or is this a sign of "wrong place wrong time"?

Don't know what I did but the old back is in bad shape this morning. Can't be from play'n golf 'cause I been do'n it for years. Now, if I got Arthur's-itis in that hip, maybe the humidity (95%) has something to do with it. What ever, it sure do feel like someone hammered a nail in there.

I did mention that I got my MH registration all took care of...right? Only took five minutes and I good to go for another year. Now I got to get my lost mail taken care of. I been using the same mail forwarding service for 6 years and this is the first time my mail disappeared. Poof....gone!!! All my insurance stuff, vehicle registrations, bank statements....all gone.

Yesterday was old Billy Bobs birthday. But I forgot. Was gonna go out and eat me up a pound of fried shrimp, but now I rekon I got to wait one more year. Even though I'm only a day older, I feel like a whole year older. Damn.....how time creeks up on ya.

Sit'n here sip'n a cup of coffee in the Nueces County Campground watch'n them big ships go by. I'm camped bout a driver and a pitching wedge from the ship channel and a driver and a 7 iron from the beach. Did ya know that Port Aransas is the fish'n capital of the Texas gulf coast. "Where they bite every day". And right over there is the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. That where I retired from in Jan. 2002 with my 20 years of back break'n work.

What I gonna do today?


  1. Ohhh Happy (belated) Birthday! And here's to many, many more....

  2. Yea, me too!!! Happy Birthday .. Got to keep having them. Sorry bout your rain and crap, got to be something down in the Gulf somesheres kicking it up huh?

  3. happy B day Bbob. Shrimp sounds good to me too. Maybe thats whats for dinner.

    You know by now you should count on good weather in sept. Remember Georgia? theyre under water right now.

  4. Happy belated birthday Billy Bob!!!