Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Golf ball swak'n guy

How bout trivia??
Where is this?

Boy Howdy, let me tell ya bout some golf ball swak'n. Old Billy Bob is on a roll. Today marks the 7th game in a row that I struck under 90 on 18 holes of one of the toughest courses in south west New Mexico.
Scores for the last 7 games...in order: 88, 87, 86, 85, 88, 89, and today a respectable 84. Now what ya got to say bout them apples???

Had to run down to the Indian casino to pick me up some smokes and then off to EJ's to put more $$$$ in my debit card account. I swear, someone is using my $$$$'s for nonsense and buy'n stuff they don't need.

Ok, I gots to get to work put'n stuff back together. Tired of fall'n over tools and junk that has to go back in the cabinets. Hmmmmm, could I lose some more weight??? We'll see.

Nope!!! Didn't lose any weight, but everything is back together....'cept'n fer them tools lay'n on da floor.

Did I tell ya bout my new neighbor? He's over there in #7 what is far enough away that I don't have to listen to him complain. "Dust, I can't stand dust". "I can't sleep with those cars and trucks on the highway". " I broke my toe trying to kick the cat". "It's too windy, I don't like wind". "There's bees over here, I don't like bees".
Sheesh, this guy is in dire need of a good woman......lololol, any takers???


  1. stGood I guess. Sorry I am not a golfer. For all I know you could be telling me "golfing stories"!
    Oh about your debit card...well I needed...ah never mind, forget that I even mention it okay?
    Have a good one!

  2. Your statue thingie looks like some sort of Indian God type feature, reminds me of some of the smaller craved, decorated dolls/figures I have seen them make.Kachina Dolls Rain God maybe?

    Good deal on the golf ball whacking!!! Keep it up, and keep your head down :-)

  3. That is some sweet golf swaken you got going on there Billy Bob. I hope I don't jinx ya by telling you so. I guess we'll see. You thinkin about pulling anchor and hitting the road? Sounds like its getting pretty rough out there.

  4. your close to the adobe cafe?

    thats my best guess with that picture.


  5. You better watch BB, keep shooting them golfs like that and pretty soon you and tiger will be going one on one. By the way, the reason I keep my radio on low all the time is so I can block out them there exteraneous distractions.