Monday, September 21, 2009

Wind storm

What day is it Billy Bob??? "hell I don't know, what day should it be"?
If you left Deming on Sunday and arrived in Van Horn on Sunday and you spent the night in Van Horn on SUNDAY and you are leaving Van Horn Monday morning, how the hell can you get stuck in Van Horn in a wind storm that won't be here till TUESDAY???? HUH????
Weather prediction for MONDAY....sunny and warm....winds 5 to 6 mph.
Weather prediction for TUESDAY....windy as hell...25 to 30 mph.

With that said.....Ben, I won't be getting stuck in Van Horn.

Moe, the name of the restaurant is Sands Restaurant. Years ago it was a classy joint, or I suppose it was. Good enchiladas, but had to ask for extra napkins 'cause the salsa made me cry. It weren't no "sissy" stuff. I suppose they get their water from that hole out back....coffee was terrible.
I ate at Chuys Restaurant last trip though Van Horn and I thought it sucked. Over priced for a dinky little town and service was as bad as the food. But then, old Billy Bob likes to be catered to, so maybe the service was Ok. You know how "old folks" are...cantankerous and grumpy.

Ok, here's the deal. I'm done driv'n for the day even though theres lots of sunlight left.

I'm at a beautiful rest area only 8 miles from Sonora, Texas.....parked right in "da shade" of a big old oak tree, or what every they call it. Got a good wifi connection and the dogs are "dig'n" grass.

Bad luck on the inspection sticker back in Van Horn. Pulled in the auto fix it place right after they opened and the inspection guy didn't show up for work.....as Ben says....GRRRRRR. They suggested a place back up the street.....it were closed. So I just headed off to the east.....illegally. I guess I could just stop off in San Antonio an buy a new motorhome with an inspection sticker. Hmmmmm....may just do that.

"that jeep" pull'n just fine. Can't even tell it's back there other than when I see it in the back-up monitor. Successful trip....so far.
Still got bout 350 miles to "da beach".


  1. Well Ben, the way I see it is thaty we are going in the same direction....TEXAS.
    Speak'n of idiots, I felt like one wav'n at all the little cars headed west to Alpine. Other than that, I didn't see any idiots. Just courteous drivers, including myself.

  2. when I drive through , I'll hit the sands then. thanks

  3. Nice spot! Not sure your solar panels will work very well there. Oh well, it probably dosn't matter since you aint stayin. Yeah,they (media)did a story about the money they have spent on rest stop improvments in Texas. Some of them are realy nice.

  4. I only saw one RV all day BB that could have been you, but dang it he was hid and could see if he was dragging a jeep. :)

  5. How expired is your sticker? One month, two months? Most cops don't pay that much attention to motorhomes, they are looking for speeders in cars.

    I inadvertantly went without a sticker for a YEAR and drove all over Houston mostly in Pasadena, Texas where the police are pretty bad but since I drive a van luckily for me it went unnoticed.

    Happy trails!!