Saturday, September 5, 2009

dAWNING of new day

"son in law"

Last night right on time....7:30pm???....here come Mr UPS with my new awning material. Open that sucker up and took a look. Boy howdy, that purty. Since it were still some light outside, I slid that little ruffily thingy in it's groove. Then I went to bed....well not right now....but after I done some rest'n and think'n.

Didn't sleep worth a crap last night. Must'a worked too hard yesterday. Got out of bed somewhere around 6:30 all fired up to install that new awning material. But shoot, it were still dark out there.
So I sit on "da porch" watch'n the sun come up. Come on sun, I gots work to do.

Old pesky Wayne showed up at 7:30 mumbling something about plumbing pipes he gonna run. Plumbing pipes???? Did he forget we was gonna put an awning together? He took off to town and left me all by myself with no idea how I could do this job single handed. Now what I gonna do???

Hey....look out there!! See that piece of 4" pvc pipe? What if'n I rolled that awning material up on that pipe and lean it against the motorhome? Yeah...that sounds good to me. Just unroll it as ya feed the material into that little groove. Shoot...old Billy Bob knows some stuff. Would you believe 30 minutes to install the material at the roof and also install it on the roller tube. This is gonna be easy. Be done in no time.
Ha Ha!!! Have ya ever messed with install'n them springs that roll an awning up? Not gonna go into details, but I didn't finish till 3:30. Sheesh...took that sucker apart 10 times.

Now I'm dead tired and gonna go to bed like all old folks do at 9:30pm.


  1. LOL...and I am sorry for ya too! Misery loves company and so I am glad that sh*t happens to others too!
    Sleep well...Night

  2. Gotta love it when a plan comes together!! How's you back holding up? Wasn't it bugging you pretty bad?

  3. My back??? You talk'n bout that thing that never quits hurt'n? Actually, I had to spend two hours lay'n on the floor....boy howdy.
    I think I am the only person that ever replaced awning fabric with out any help at all. Ya just gots to think things out before hand.