Tuesday, September 29, 2009

black cloud

Well I want you lookie there....a great big ole black cloud. Wind has shifted back out of the north. This doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna be cooler weather. Being in the deep south of Texas, them "northers" get to San Antonio, make a turn and head off to Houston and points east. Did you know....that the winters in Port A only last two weeks and at most a whole month? Kind of like being in "paradise" don't ya think?

Speak'n of black clouds, old Billy Bob been hav'n one them hang'n over his head for years. I remember one year we planned a UTMSI fish'n trip up at Choke Canyon State Park. Boy howdy was that ever a fish'n trip. Was 85 degs the day we arrived....woke up to the mid 40's next morning. Wind blow'n twenty forty miles....if it weren't tied down, it were "gone". Me and old fish'n buddy Mike headed off cross the lake to our secret fish'n hole. We got there, sop'n wet, freez'n cold, hands so cold they was blue.....tears in our eyes. Bundled up in our south Texas winter garb, wind breaker and shorts, we was cast'n a mile in one direction and 10 ten feet in the other. Drank a lot of beer that day.

Seems like rain follows the old Billy Bob everywhere he goes. Last winter I was at the slabs. Weren't there but two days and here come a rain. Then a nuther....then a nuther. It don't rain at the slabs. Went to a GTG (get together) campout in Fredericksburg.....lololol....it rained. Went to Houston for a week....it rained. Went to north Ga. for a 10 day camp'n trip....it rained. Went to Terlingua for a week....too damn hot for rain.
All I gots to say is that I either pissed the rain gods off or I just destined as a "rain magnet".

Today.....if I feel like it, I need to go to Corpus Christi and get me some new glasses. Not that I can't see, but it's been over two years with these scratched up ones....plus one lens keeps fall'n out. Trying to find a fallen lens with one eye is like driv'n a 747 from Houston to LAX.....in the dark.
Did I ever tell ya bout the time...I had a great big grass yard right in the middle of town in Port A....right next door to City Hall. The garden club come by one day and suggested I water the grass. I says..."are you nuts??? That would make the grass grow and then need mow'n". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....brown dead grass is beautiful. Same deal with the "beautiful" oleander bushes they was want'n me to trim. Cut them suckers slap down to the ground the next day....all of them...pooof....gone....City dump. City officials and garden clubs don't like deal'n with the likes of old Billy Bob.

Boy howdys....was that a storm or was that a storm. Was sit'n here "do'n nuttin" when someone was "rock'n da house". I says, "who the hell is that"??? It were the rain and wind gods want'n in out the rain and wind. It were terrible....but it's beautiful outside now. Sunshine, a little 15 mph breeze and a comfortable 87 degs. I says comfortable 'cause I'm sit'n in the A/C.


  1. Man, Billy Bob,, with all the weird weather following you around maybe you had better not so down to see John Wells:-) And that invite to stop by here anytime, let's think about that OK? :-)

    loved your story about the Oleanders and the garden club.

    I had a house a corner in Seabrook close to the school. Dang kids were cutting across my perfect yard and tearing up my grass. I fixed them!! Planted some Pyracanthas,, that put a stop to that problem. Neighbors didn't like it but the plants were inside my property line.

  2. when I get to Terlingua for permanent I will have you over every time I need to fill my tanks up.

  3. Then I guess that means you didn't get voted the best decorated house in Port A at Christmas that year.

  4. hahahaha loved that Garden Club story wish I could do the same to my HOA but they have a tendacy to fine people...

    With your "black cloud syndrome" you could make big bucks getting people to bring you down to their drought stricken towns.

    Heck someone might give you a car and you could get rid of "that jeep", lol.