Friday, September 11, 2009

tow bar base plate

Ok, here's the deal. Old Billy Bob put on his think'n cap and done some "serious" think'n. Plus, I clumb up under "that jeep" an' look the situation over. Well shoot, this gonna be easy. All I gots to do is build two frame mounts and use the base plate off'n the little red Bronco II.

Went and fount me some angle iron just bout the right size. Did some figger'n, broke out the skill saw and started cut'n. Boy howdy was that easy. When I get all the holes drilled and pieces cut to the right length, it's off to the "certified" welder shop for the finishing touches. The way I see it, from what I'm gonna save, I can travel right at 650 miles for free. Can't beat that with a stick!!!

Yesterdays storms did just like I said they was gonna do.....went off east to Dallas. See!!! Didn't I tell ya so?
Look'n off to the north, here come some more rain, but I bet ya a nickel they go to Dallas too. When old Uncle Ben checks in, we'll see if he got my rain. Shoot, some of it may have made it's way to The Field Lab.

Get'n close to dinner time and have no idea what I gonna eat. I gots three choices...chicken, pork chop or a big ol' hamburger. Hmmmmm....a big ol' hamburger cooked in red salsa sure do sound good. Yep...that what I gonna do. French fries??? Why not???


  1. Yep BB I got rain BUT it weren't YOUR rain, this time it came at us from the EAST which is real strange for us. But I got 2.12 " and it is still coming in FROM THE EAST :-)
    and forecast for the whole weekend.

    Good deal on you getting the parts together for your "toeing" hitch thing and getting someone to weld it up for ya.

  2. I'll take a salad and freedom fries.

    Waiting....waiting.....still waiting.....

  3. Ben, yeah,that were my rain....It went off to St Louis before it went back to Dallas.
    LOL....I'm mak'n the parts, not get'n them together.
    I think it will be cheaper to HAVE the welding done than to do it myself. Thirty minutes to weld versus, a new plug for the welder, hand full of hi tensile welding rods, diopters for the hood and a few dollars worth of electric.

    Salad and freedom fries??? What the hell are ya talk'n bout?? Meat man, ya gotta eat meat.
    And what could you possibly be wait'n for??? Free food???

  4. Hay BB with a little elbow grease and a saws all you can build anything. I got a driveline disconnect system off of Craigs List and adapted it to a Chevy Blazer. I found a base plate and receivers on the Recycler. All on the cheap.

    I think if you turn that 200 amp welder up and weld every joint on both sides all will be well. then you well be able to get 1000 miles free.