Friday, September 4, 2009

Gist a rant'n

"Redneck'n in North Ga."
Memorial day 2003
Went off to Ga. to visit with kids and grandkids in Atlanta, just in time for the annual "redneck" camp'n trip. I say redneck, 'cause that's what it turned out to be. Plus, my kids are just like their daddy. We took off for the north Ga. mountains by way of Expressway. Four hours later we was on some old dirt roads go'n nowhere. One way in and one way out. By 4pm, we was all set up with a truck load of wood, a few cases of beer and enough food for an army. Out of 9 days at the camp, it rained a good five. Not little "sprinkley" rain, but "real" rain. Caught me up a passel of them rainbow trout out that creek right over there. After nine days, this old boy was ready to go home.

Think I'll do a little "rant'n". Now what could I rant on about? Well shoot, a few minutes ago I was all fired up to lay it on someone, but now I don't remember what I were gonna say. Another sign of old age.

Went off to the golf course this morning for five straight days a great golf. "Not days you silly goofus....games". Struck me a respectful 86.

Got back to "da house" and took look see what my solar system were do'n with sunshine. WHOA!!!! 14.6 amps, what is more than two 130 watt panels are supposed to put out. That tells me that either something is wrong, or I did something right. Old Billy Bob knows some stuff!!!

Layed around on the couch for a bit. Sat on "da porch" for a bit. Did some "think'n" for a bit. Boy howdy, where did the day go to? Got me some chicken grill'n on the grill along with some salmon for the dogs. If that's all I do for the rest of the day, I had a successful day. Oh, did the freak'n dishes.


  1. congrats on your output! howd u do that? now Im thinking to buy just one solar pannel and have billy bob install it and I'll get the out put equal of 2. lol

  2. It's all in the controller. New technology ya know.
    This morning I checked the output before the batteries were fully charged....oppps too late. Was on float or what ever they call it with 7.8 amps to the batteries and 5.9 amps from the panels. Looks good from my house.

  3. It looks like you had a great time that Memorial Day weekend, rain or no rain.

    You had the three basics for camping, beer, food and wood. It is making me nostalgic for Terlingua...

  4. Howdy MsB, that trip was way more exciting than the little I wrote. With three sons w/wives, and six out of 17 grandkids and a couple extra folks and their three kids....whoa, what a picnic.
    My sons Robert and Jesse went out and brung back a big old log for the campfire. It was not just big old log, but it was huge old log. We made a bet how long it would take to burn through. My sons with their calculators estimated 14 hours. Old Billy Bob said two days, what he was right on the money. Sheesh!!! I know how long it take a piece of wood to burn.

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