Friday, September 18, 2009

almost "on da road again"

"Partners in crime"
Old school buddy Gerry
2004 Ridgecrest, Ca.

Hot damn!!! Is that my head I see shin'n through my hair? What go'n on?? Sure looks like it's get'n thinner up there. Speak'n of hair, did I ever tell ya bout the time.....it were back in 1958 (I think) and I were work'n at a speed boat building place at Lake Isabella, Ca. In the morning I was grind'n fiberglass and sop'n cloth with gooey resin. In the afternoon I took out a prototype on the lake giv'n rides to potential customers. Well....I had this long 50's "hippy hair" what was always in my eyes and didn't much impress my thrill riders. Bossman suggested I cut it off, what I did....all the way to the bone....I were completely bald. Bossman just shrugged his shoulders and says, "HUH??? What ever".

Sure is get'n close to departure day. If today is Friday, I only have tomorrow to finish stuff...what at the rate I'm go'n, it gonna be cut'n close.
Got to think'n bout Old Uncle Ben head'n to Alpine. If he is gonna take I-20, I gonna be way head of him when he hits I-10. Like a couple hun'erd miles. But, if he takes I-35 to SR290, we gonna pass each other right bout Junction or there abouts. I'll wave as I go through Junction just in case. Have a safe trip you old fart!!!

Boy howdy....this wimmin work sucks. I got to commend all you wimmins out there....this is hard work. Now if I was to trade off one the dogs for a good woman, I wouldn't be do'n this stuff. I could be outside sit'n in my easy chair drink'n coffee and enjoy'n life like I supposed to be do'n. But then, I would have to feed her and cater to her every need, take her shop'n, buy new clothes and probably have to watch my lip.

Took a long nap and got up feel'n all grumpy and didn't do much after that. Washed the great big windshields and dashboard. Vacuumed half the carpet. Went through all my old mail and tossed a whole bag full.

Put the old dead cow head on the dash and took the droopy dog down.
Now I think I'm gonna lay back, relax and "do nuttin".


  1. About my heading to Alpine, ya missed my route plumb!! I go over bout 3 miles and get on Hi-way 67. Stay on it all the way to I-20 Just East of the turn south onto the road down to Alpine outside of Fort Stockton I think it is. Look at your road map, 67 is about 3 miles from me and I like it cause it isn't a major haul ass highway runs all the way to Alpine. Lot os small town to slow down in or stop for snack or water the lizard.

    I will still think of ya along the way.

  2. Update on my route

    Here is the link,, Big A copy and past

  3. Have a good trip! be safe and take pictures.

    hire your self a wimmin for a few days its cheeper than keepin one with a license.

  4. I would have to feed her and cater to her every need, take her shop'n, buy new clothes and probably have to watch my lip.

    jajajaja, lordy I have laughed so hard after reading the above statement. I agree with OGT hire yourself a cleaning lady and save yourself a lot of grief, lol.

  5. Enjoy your trip and as for the woman theory, well I know it works, I kept the dog and got rid of the man. Now this is livin'!! *wink*
    Come back safely eh?

  6. scratchin my ear with my back leggs tryin to figure out what diane meant.