Sunday, September 27, 2009

lay'n back

Yesterday was a good day.

Got up way to early this morning think'n it were a golf day. I don't do golf swak'n on Sunday. But look out tomorrow morning.....tee time 8am.

Not a whole lot I want to do today other than my fav-o-rite past time...."do'n nuttin". Miss sit'n on "da porch" sip'n coffee with old pesky Wayne, but I got me a big ole covered picnic table sit'n right outside. Spent some time on that picnic table last night while I were do'n some think'n. Then I couldn't go to sleep from all the coffee I drunk. Ya gotta love coffee.
Did ya know that coffee is a good way to lose a few extra pounds. First swaller and ya ain't hungry no more. Hmmmmm....could that be the reason I lost 15 pounds and can't gain it back??? Or could it be for the fact that I don't eat? Oh....I eat, but what I eat may be a contributing factor.

Speak'n of eat'n.....did I ever tell ya bout the time...it were out in Deming, New Mexico when I built the.......................
"Dog House Bar and Grill".......
I put me some chicken to grill, got involved, forgot the chicken and had a fire you wouldn't believe. Flames was com'n out all them little holes and shoot'n up to the roof of "da porch". Smoke everywhere. Water hose was close by so it weren't no big deal to "moisturize" the chicken. Blackened (burnt) chicken is good eat'n.

If ya never been to Port Aransas, Texas before, let me tell ya a little bout it. Years ago, the only way to get here was by and old wooden road and a little ferry down by.........
Shorty's Bar.

That was later replaced with a dirt road and a bigger ferry as more tourist came to fish and gamble at the back room card tables through out town. At one time, Port Aransas was know as the tarpon fishing capitol of the world. Ask some of the older Presidents what stayed at the renowned Tarpon Inn. It still stands to this day.
Up until the late 60's, Port A was a wide open paradise for fishermen, gangsters, draft dodgers, hippies and open gambling addicts...and a few drunks. Then things began to change as the developers seen opportunities in the swamp lands. Port Aransas grew from a little fishing village of 600 to 2000 with-in a few years. Today I would expect it to be somewheres around 4000 to 5000. Not the same place I remember back in the 60's and 70's. Google Port Aransas for a more detailed analysis. Great reading.

Boy howdy, is the sun work'n today or what? Got the a/c kick'n out cold air....of course the door is wide open and the dogs are tak'n a nap.

Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob?????

made a short trip to the City Marina to look see if Steve and Danni showed up. Nope, they liv'n in Houston now, or somewhere like that. Haven't been to the boat for ages except an occasional "check it out" overnighter.
Was gonna take some pics while at the marina, but guess what.....old Billy Bob forgot the media card for the camera......
as Ben would say...Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Got back to "da house" after "that jeep" stalling at every red light and stop sign.....
as Ben would say....Grrrrrr!!!!.
Open that hood an look at stuff. HUH???? What's this for??? Where the hell is the carburater and that little adjustment screw??? Ok, let's turn this "special" screw and see what happen. Holy cows, 2000 rpm on idle....back 'er down Billy Bob...back'er down. Piddle, piddle, piddle, turn screw, turn screw....800 rpm idle. Sounds good to me!!!!

Now what????

I know....how bout a big ole apple pie? Old Billy Bob needs something sweet. Measure this, measure that, chop this, chop that, mix'em up, roll this'a way, roll that'a way....walla....apple pie.

Pie is in "da oven".

Pie is out "da oven".

I want ya look at that pork chop I just dug out the freezer. Boy howdy!!! Bens "goo-losh" made me hungry.


  1. Shoot BB, I was down there in the 60's sometime and Shortys was there then. Used to go use a "fish camp" not far from there. Spend the weekend and catch fish like crazy. I like the Coast, but dang, the little places I used to go to are all gone now. :-(

  2. now if you want to see all those different kind of folks you have to visit the capitol.

    thanks for the aransas pic I had never been.

  3. Billy Bob I don't want to alarm you or anything like that...but have you considered the fact that you might be diabetic? Losing weight for no known reason is one of the signs. You might look into it.

    Yesterday I took Mom out to eat breakfast and we both had two cups of coffee around 9:30 a.m. and neither one of us could sleep last night.

    I am not big on sweets but your apple pie sure looks good.

  4. Ben.....all this time you been say'n I look familiar. Did ya ever go to the Sail Club or the Pirates Inn??? Did ya know Dessie Lou and Mary? How bout old "snaggle tooth"?
    The Sail Club has changed hands many times and still stands in the same place. Called Salty Dog now.
    Moby Dicks was a great hang out for the hippy crowd.

  5. MsB, when I had my heart surgery, they was giving me insulin injections when my sugar got to 120. Told me it was normal for high sugar with "that"kind of surgery. Old pesky Wayne has a sugar test'n instrument what I used a few times....AOK. Under 105 as I recall.
    LOL...you and mom need to drink some my coffee. Be awake for days....
    Apple pie mediocre...Ok, but not the best I ever ate. But I'm gonna eat the whole thing!!!

  6. Billy Bob, The sail club sure sounds familiar. mostly while we were down there I was fishing, gitting ready to go fishing or eating fish. :-) Wish My memory was better or that I at least had pictures of that time. Guess what ones I did have, the EX got, or lost em.