Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clean'n day

Due to the overwhelming responses of yesterdays "trivia" question, old Billy Bob won't be mak'n that mistake again. For the tremendous interest in the photo, here is the answer.

#15 grandyoung'un...2003
Austin, Texas

Holy cows!!! Did you hear them winds last night? Right at bout 2am I was awakened by this roaring, bang'n, clang'n sound what skeered hell out me. Jumped up real quick like and went outside to see what was go'n on. Oh crap, my brand new awning is tak'n a beat'n. Untied the two tie down ropes, what had saved my awnings life, and rolled 'er up. "Where all this wind come from"??

Up late this morning, after last nights fiasco, to a beautiful cloudy sky and just a slight breeze. You may ask "what's so beautiful about a cloudy sky", well let me tell ya. Them clouds up there was put there for a reason. So's ya don't have to labor out in the sweltering heat with gazillions of cancer causing ultraviolet rays beat'n down on ya. That's my take of it!!!

Mostly clean'n up today. Sink full of dishes again, vacuum up all them little pieces of wire and stuff on the floor, put all them tools back in their proper places and probably take a nap come bout 1pm.

Will be ordering the tow bar base plate for the "that jeep" today. Thought about building one since I have all the drawings....and a heavy duty 200 amp welder.....but, trusting my welding to someones life, better be left up to the people that build these things for a living. Certified welders. Guaranteed. Simple bolt on installation. Sure would hate to look in the mirror and see "that jeep" headed off into someones freshly plowed corn field. Boy Howdy!!!

Grrrrrrrrr........ sheesh........ choice words..... dag nab it!!!! Been all afternoon try'n to order a freak'n base plate and all I can find is "HUH???" I got the numbers and I got the places to order from, but.......10 days to get to Deming? I got places to go ya know and very little time to get there. Maybe back to plan "A". I could pass the certified welders test if'n I didn't have to weld overhead....all them little red hot pieces of metal fall down my neck. My shirt catches fire, I get little red blisters and then I get a headache from look'n up. Have to "think" bout it.

Poor little Sadie Mae and Lug Nut come in a while ago covered with cactus spines stick'n out like a porkypine. They was hunt'n!!! Sadie is a solid black blue lip lizard hunt'n dawg...yeah, that's what her are. Lug Nut is just a dawg...100% ruff and tumble dawg.

I just know someone gonna ask if I leave my awning out all night. Well sure I do. I gots it tied to the porch and usually, the wind don't blow at night.


  1. Good Idea about the tow bar. I agree everything has a reason and the clouds are welcome in my eyes.

    Dont cha close up that awning every nite?

  2. Billy BoB,, check your weather radar,, tie down that awning!!! Storm north of you moving your way.. Serious

  3. Oh shoot Ben, that storm ain't nuttin. They come from that way all the time and then, just before they get to "da house" they turn off to the east....head'n to Dallas.
    Awning is still rolled up!!!

  4. Rolling it in and rolling it out. How about building you a roof that you can park under. with all of that wind blowing you should be able to drive down the country roads and pick up enough sheet iron thats been blown off someones barns. once it's been blown off it's finders- keepers