Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a week in paradise

Well, it's been a whole week in Port Aransas, Texas and I have nothing to show for it. But, I didn't come here to buy stuff. I come here on "business". "How the hell can a trip to "da beach" be considered business....HUH Billy Bob"???? Got everything taken care of what needed be taken care of. Got me in two rounds of golf at the Newport Dunes golf ball swak'n place. Ate me up a great enchilada dinner at Old San Juan mexican restaurant. Made a few beach runs....bikinis on hold....too much rain. Boy howdy, is old Billy Bob hav'n a great time or what???

Since we had that afternoon rain and wind storm yesterday....the monkey was lay'n in the road after he got blowed off the flag pole....today will be a catch up day for all the exciting things I was gonna do yesterday. First on the agenda is a nice soothing shower to get all this damn salt off'n my stink'n body......Oh great, forgot to turn water heater on. Guess that puts the shower on hold. Sniff, sniff....hell I don't smell that bad. A few squirts of Fabreeze should take care of that. Good stuff!!!

Boy howdy was that a great shower or what. While I was brush'n the tangles out my hair, I noticed I still have a few original brown hairs up there.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....it were back in bout the mid 70's when I was still a young and handsome brute, I decided to bleach my hair. Went off to the local pharmaceutical place, or what ever they call it, and bought me some hair bleach. I had a me a head of long beautiful dirty blond hair at the time. Well, to make this story short and to the point, have ya ever seen peach hair??? All of it. I begged and pleaded with my ROTFLHAO...LOL'n roomie to go get me some black dye....anything, as long as I get rid of this terrible peach color hair. Almost lost a good friendship when he refused to go. More pleading and beg'n when he finally gave in. Brung back, not black, not brown, but some God awful color like the "ladies of the night" wear. A combination of black, brown, red and a touch of peach. His sense of humor really pissed me off. But no matter, anything is better than bright peach hair when you show up for work on a construction crew the next morning.

Ok, I got stuff to do...enough nonsense for now.

Oil platform com'n in for repair

Two dogs and a jeep

Would you believe them dogs refused to go in the water??? Sissy dogs!!!
But they did manage to tangle them selves around the tires on "that jeep" Baaaa....worthless dogs. Sheesh!!!
Eighteen miles of beautiful beach

Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob????

hehehehe....you guessed it. Took me one them naps right over there on the couch.

Ok, I done got it figger out. If I eat 1000 calories a day and I burn up 2500, I'm gonna lose weight....right? With my high mo-blab-atism, and all this daily activity, it's no wonder I lost 15 pounds. Wheeeha, old Billy Bob gonna have to slow down, eat some Big Macs an' fries, double meat whoppers and some hi octane chocolate cake and ice cream. Boy howdy, can hardly wait.

In the mean time, I'll eat stuff like this.


  1. you got good stories, some day I'll sit and listen to a few.

  2. Well, at least your hair didn't turn out ORANGE like mine did. :-)

  3. OGT...if'n I don't tell my stories, they could be forgotten forever.
    My grandpa used to tell me stories. Pancho Villa stories. They weren't wrote down. You think my kids and grandkids want to listen to stories from 100 years ago??? His stories will be gone forever never to be heard again.

    LOL Ben...I can just see ya now....a big ole orange afro. And don't be say'n ya didn't have an afro....and them multi color checkered pants too.

  4. no afro at that time, but many years later I started curling it real tight and had a "white man's" fro . finally gave it up when we moved to Alpine, no one it town knew how to do it.

    And you found some dark hairs on your head? You just missed washing them all. :-)

  5. Billy Bob you can really tell stories. I have been laughing up a storm in the corner of the library so I don't disturb anyone. You crack me up all the time!!!

    I wouldn't mind listening to 100 year old stories, right them down or tell them to us. You would be a hit around the chili cook-off campfires...

  6. Billy Bob maybe your kids and grand kids say they don't want to hear your stories, but some time down the road they will, especially the gran and great gran and etc. kids.
    My gran father and great gran father had all sorts of stories about the civil war and settling places like W.(By G**)Virginia. They were some of the first settlers in East Texas. Now all of those stories are buried and gone. My Mothers's dad was acquainted with Bonnie & Clyde during their famous days. All of those stories sadly are buried with him.
    Get yourself a good recorder and start talking! Just think maybe fourty or fifty years from now some of your gggran kids will listen to you and think "wow my gggpaw was really neat"!
    I know you like to talk and just think how many generations will be setting down and listening to you, getting to know their gggpaw.

  7. Hey Ms Belinda, I'll hold BBOB down and you get the hair dye make sure its peach colored.

    If he doesnt start telling us about pancho villa and his grand dad, the few hairs he got are gonna be peachy.

  8. Yep BB, I gots to agree with the peanut gallery on this one, get those storied on tape for the future. My daddy never really told about his early days in Dust Bowl Ok or his time in B-24s in Italy ,or any of that. Dang it, all of us boys would like to know.

  9. Lol, Off Grid...deal, I will get the peach dye ready...are you listening Billy Bob?