Wednesday, September 2, 2009

where my other shoe

Holy Moly, where this pic come from?
Taken 1953 at the "Pike" in Long Beach Ca.
Is that old Billy Bob what didn't win no stink'n gold fish?

What I remember most about the Pike was that I got sooooo sick, I had to puke in a bag. I done turn three shades of green. What happened was...I rode one them big round thingys that the bottom drops out and ya stick to the wall while that thing is turn'n 1000 revolutions per second. I attempted to climb out the top, so they shut it down with an emergency screech'n halt. Boy howdy, was them other riders ever pissed at me.

It's mind boggling how every morning something just has to go wrong. Since it was a mite chilly this morning (63degs), old Billy Bob decided to wear shoes to the golf course. "Now, where the hell is my other shoe???" "LUG NUT...where is my shoe?" Oh, there it is, out on "da porch". Sometimes I'll take a shoe off in one place and then take the other off in a different place. That's what happened. Another sign of "get'n old".

Speak'n of golf, old Billy Bob is on a roll. I struck an 85 today, beat'n poor old Wayne big time. But he had an excuse.....he was dead tired from all the work he did yesterday. Usually when I beat him, it was 'cause he has arthritis. Or he didn't sleep the night before. Or his sugar was low. He's a virgo, so go figure.

Had me a bunch of plans for the day, but I'm think'n I need to recoup from yesterday. Maybe if'n we get some cloud cover, I'll go work on the grass and weeds. Too freak'n hot right now.

UPS man should be here right shortly. Then I can figger out where all them wires go and start cut'n and drill'n. This will be one time I read the instructions before jump'n in with both feet. Either way, it will work.

Boy howdy!!!! That Mr. UPS guy got here right on time. Open everything up and, lookie here, new stuff. Broke out drills, hammers, screwdrivers, the table saw and an impact wrench. We gonna run some wire to them solar panels up there on "da roof". What ya mean the refrigerator has to come out? Yep, it sure did. (that's where the wires go to the roof) Found me a great location for the charge controller and started drill'n, pull'n that wire and say'n a few choice words. Old folks do that, ya know.

Heat'n up my dinner by propane. That means the refrigerator is back in place and secured, the wires are pulled and old Billy Bob is wore slap out. Gonna eat out on "da porch" and lay back.


  1. AHHH The Pike, I have been there many times. I was always in awe of the sailor boys. I believe it is gone now...haven't been there in geez...30+ years...stop laughing I am not as old as you are!
    Yep we got a hot humid day here too, I no like! Well gotta get to the dishes...just enjoy anything OK?

  2. Git er Done BB!! well done today, now all you got to do is connect all the wiring? right? Like you been saying, take your time, sleep ( or nap) on it and it will turn out fine

    Of course we will require a picture of the volt meter when it up and running. :-)

  3. congrats on getting your electronics, you should share where you got them if theyre good.

    was that you that needed a place to park close to the paved road or was that Ben I forgot. anyway I just bought another piece even closer to the paved road and looks like its got good road to it.

  4. Billy Bob you look exactly the same, some people change as they grow up but your features have not changed at all.

    Looks like you got a lot done today.

  5. Thems are some good comments you guys wrote. Will try to answer them all in my next post, along with a few pics.