Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rain???? Do I hear rain....

MsB asked me.....
How expired is your sticker? One month, two months? Most cops don't pay that much attention to motorhomes, they are looking for speeders in cars.
LOLOLOL....hahahaha....only 7 months. So, by your experience, I should have 5 more months before I have to worry. You know that old folks worry, right???

Saved with Word Pad....7am
Well shoot, ain't got wifi connection this morning. I'll tell ya why....damn Hughes Net satellite systems suck. I know 'cause that's what I got. But you would think the great State of Texas would offer a better system than "cheap junk". Your tax dollars at work. Oh, did I mention it's cloudy and like any other satellite dish, they don't work worth a poop.

Sure were hot last night. Had to hook up a fan on my inverter just to get to sleep. Or...I could have started the generator and turned on my super cold a/c, what sucks a gallon of gas an hour. But then here come the rain. Then it cooled off. Then it got down right chilly. Then it got windy. Then I went to sleep.

Woke up 14 times last night think'n I was still in Deming. Boy howdy, if'n it ain't not knowing what day it is, it's not knowing where the frick you are.

Ate me up a great big home built hamburger right out there under the "old oak" tree last night...what ain't really an oak tree. Don't know what it is, but it ain't an "old oak" tree. I tend to call all trees oak tree until someone sets me straight. My grandson once told me, "papaw, that ain't no oak tree, that's an apple tree". Smart ass kids!!!!

Looks like "down the road" again. If'n I drive a couple hunerd miles, I'll only be a couple hunerd miles from "da beach". But, after look'n at the weather, "da beach" is gonna be wet. Now how the hell I gonna play golf in the rain???

11:30am....down the road a piece between Comfort and Kerrville. This is "hill country" folks.
Weren't on the road more than 30 minutes when here come the rain....and wind....for miles and miles. But now that I'm parked, eat'n up a big ole egg sandwich, the rain quit. Go figger!!!

Gonna maybe stop in Boerne where I bought "da house" and see if'n they'll slap me a sticker on this thing. Also have to find out who the hell has the title....I don't. Must be somewhere in Calif. with a finance company.

Ok....that's all for now. Check back later for a full update.................

Full update in mini......the freak'n RV sell'n place wouldn't have nuttin to do with me. They don't do stickers, but sent me back from where I come from bout 5 miles where the guy says..."maybe in a couple hours". HUH??? Couple hours I will be sit'n in a beautiful Texas rest stop on I-37 50 miles south of San Antonio.
Maybe MsB is right....to hell with it.

Boy Howdy...ain't no trucks gonna be park'n right next to me. Pulled a old folks trick. Parked in two lanes.....hehehehe!!! Not intentionally, but since I can't back up, I'm stuck here...in two lanes. (a toad with all four on the ground can not be backed up...will break steering stuff)
Never mind...I pulled over there by the grass so the dogs can pee and poop. Think'n of the truckers ya know.


  1. All that permit stuff sounds like government cheese. good luck.

  2. Lol Billy Bob, I think a lot of people worry regardless of age. Somewhere in my 30's I became a worry wart after always critizing my dad for being one. Now I understand where he was coming from...

    I am by no means an expert but I used to have a good friend that was a DPS officer and he said that he always gave senior citizens in RV's a break and rarely if ever stopped them and if he ticketed them it was usually only a warning. Ofcourse that was only him, I can not speak for the rest of the officers.

    However you have a good excuse, you were out of the state for seven months. Plus you can always argue that they could not do the inspection since it was raining, you do know that they can't do inspections when it rains right?

    Hope you get a good night's sleep. Have a safe trip.

  3. B. BOB maybe they don't pay much atention to expired plates and no inspection in the big city, but stay away from small towns until you get legal.

    "Henderson County Sheriff’s Department Deputy +++++++++++ arrested +++++++++++, after discovering he had four outstanding warrants for no valid inspection, failure to appear, violate promise to appear, and no liability insurance out of The office of Justice of the Peace Precinct 2."

  4. Thanks a freak'n lot Bob....you know how I love them little towns and that I'm not a big city guy.
    Actually, I don't give a flip one way or another if I ever get an inspection sticker or not. I just like to read MsB's comments bout it.