Monday, September 14, 2009

golf sucks!!!

What a great morning. 61 degs and a beautiful sunrise, what I had to drive 65 miles look'n straight into it. Left Deming at 7am and arrived Las Cruces at exactly 8:04.

As we walked into the Pro Shop, I seen an ATM sit'n there. I could always use some extra change, so I stuck my card in it and punched them numbers. Ten minutes later and still no change. I say to the guy, "hey, this machine ain't work'n". So's he calls the ATM support line or something like that and the guy tells him to turn it off. Now....what if....they turn it back on and someone sees my extra change sit'n there wait'n for me to pick it up???? Do you think they will send it to me??? LOLOLOL...right!!! Why is everyone always pick'n on old Billy Bob?

Well, the golf game sucked. I don't know who planted all them trees, but I gonna take a chain saw next time. Never lost a ball, but let me tell ya, I was swak'n that ball over and around every tree on the course. Ain't right I tell ya, it just ain't right.

Come back to "da house" and finally got my mail (sent by a mail service in south Texas). Well shoot, where the rest of my mail?? Was wait'n for my mail in registration for "da house" so I would get it back before my current registration expires on the 30th. So now, I have to make a trip all the way to Port Aransas, Texas...that's where all the babes are on the beach...in little teensy weensy bikinis....bounc'n round say'n, "look at me". hehehehe....

But shoot, I was going to Texas anyhows. Just not next week. Will still go to all the same places, but in a different order. Actually, backwards. Original plan was Terlingua, Port Aransas, Houston and back to Deming. Got lots to do in the next 6 days.....boy howdy!!!

Got all the glue on the baseplate. No welding necessary.
Bolts are rated at 8000 to 10,000 pounds by the number and size I used.


  1. Sounds like it just wasnt your day Billy Bob.

    It seems like you could probably get "da house" registration done online or by mail, that way you won't have to drive all the way to Port Aransas.

  2. I usually do it by mail, but this year it's not in the mail...like I said, "where's my mail"?
    I DO have to drive all the way to Port A....I was going there anyhows.

  3. Now you know you should weld those pieces together, It just gives you that extra sense of security. You don't want that Jeep taking a detour.

  4. Hey BBob, sorry I havent posted in a while but Ive been busy. your posts make me chuckle. Sorry about the golf game but I fixed it long ago by not playing golf. Problem solved. have vun on your trip and take lots of pics.

  5. River....my sense of security is right on line. Them bolts be plenty strong....sides that, all that connects the RV to the toad is two little 1/2" pins.