Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"What you talk'n bout it's too late to make a blog post"? Well, maybe you're right, so I'll make this as short as possible.

This morning was spent torquing the bolts on the base plate....you know which one...the one I been building for the last three days...Sheesh!!! Then I put the tow lights in top "that jeep" and started run'n the wiring. Gonna finish that task tomorrow.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....it were back in 1958 when a "part time friend"...brother to the little girl I was see'n....and I took off on a hitchhiking tour from Ridgecrest, Ca. to anywhere north away from the sweltering heat of the high desert. We went straight to Spokane, Wa. and visited (mooched off of) one of his relatives. Then we went to Seattle....another relative, then back to Spokane. Did ya ever pick blueberrys for a living? At the rate I was pick'n them blueberrys, I could have made like maybe 50 cents a day.

Oh did I mention Libby, Montana where the bears woke us up on the porch....not the bears, us. Da bears was in the garden dig'n up stuff and eat'n it up right in front of everyone. Slept on the living room floor next night.
We went across the Rocky mountains and didn't even know where we were, only that it was cold. That was when the truck driver fell asleep and scared hell out all three of us....boy howdy.

Took a job in Idaho...well not really a job, but to unload them bales of hay from that trailer and toss them in the loft over the barn. Half way through the job, here come farmer man with a couple welcomed sandwiches.....right. One thin slice of bolony and some old stale bread. After we collected our wages ($7), old farmer man gave us directions to a cheap motel where we could shower. That cost $5 for a night and we was so hungry, we spent the $2 on something to eat. Something don't look right here.

On our return trip back "home", with $.32 cents in our pockets, we got throwed in jail in Eugene, Oregon for "stealing a ride" on a freight train. Had to stay long enough to get some money from "folks back home" to get out of state. I was fortunate that my family cared enough to send a bus fare all the way home.


  1. Hey bbob, you and me been alot the same places. I have been to ridgecrest many o time , but I prefer to stay in randsburg/johanesburg when Im there. I also have live in spokane a while. nice town I like it.long way to go though with yer thumb.

  2. OK,then do it your way, but don't start with the shoulda-coulda-woulda when you end up out in the weeds of Nasty Armpit, AZ. looking for the Jeep when it zigged after you zagged.

    And about those tail lights, you did install new sockets in the tail light buckets, right. or did you stick those ugly magnets on the roof.

    I like those Blue Ox tow bars. I use a Roadmaster but only because thats what came with my system.

  3. jajajaja...I swear Billy Bob you really crack me up. Loved the term "part time friend", lol, I am learning a new vocabulary on your blog!!

    It is always a good feeling to know that one has family that cares enough to bail one out of a jam...that means you are good person BB.

  4. OGT...I go to Red Mountain...well I DID go to Red Mountain to prospect. But since my bypass surgery, I just sit on "da porch" and remember "digg'n dirt".

    River...I paid close to 50 bucks for them ugly magnet lights and I gonna display them everywhere I go. Great for finding my car in a crouded parking lot. Did I ever tell ya bout the time...I lost my little red Bronco II????

    MeB...If'n I did't make someone "chuckle", my day would be a failure.
    Well sure I'm a good person. If'n I weren't, I would probably still be in jail up in Eugene, Oregon.

  5. BB I know how it is. I have a set of new light bulb sockets on the work bench, waiting for the day when I finally get around to drilling holes in the tail lights to install them.

    Every time I string those msgnet lights on the blazer I tell myself it's the last time.