Monday, September 7, 2009

Ok, where was ya at yesterday Billy Bob??? "I were right here do'n stuff". Cleaned some extra weight out them basement compartments. My God, where did all this junk come from.? Got two finished and only six to go. See that 5 gallon bucket? It contains bout 30# of dumpster stuff. Look'n to lose 200# before I'm finished. Sure is hard to throw stuff away ya might need sometime next year. Last clean out was done 3 years ago....over 200#.

Holy cows, was it cold this morning or what? At 5:30am, I had me one them leg cramp things, so's I got up. It was 57 degs and I had little goose bumps all over my bod. Sheesh...is it winter already???

Well shoot, got to go to the hardware store and buy some stuff for an inverter circuit. Old Billy Bob gonna be an electrician today.


  1. Good deal on the cleaning out, more room and better gas mileage huh? When you get finished there, come here and do my 40 X 60 barn!! :-) It has been the place to "store" stuff since I got it about 1990!!

    Wife would not throw out anything.

  2. I knew where you were...you said you were not going to do nothin'today. What happen eh?
    Have a great evening...oh by the way, make sure you take a before and a after pic of yourself when you do your "electric" stuff. You know for the record to make sure you are not too crispy! *wink*
    Truly please be careful eh?

  3. I cant even clean my hotel room, good job b bob.

  4. Back about 1954 Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnaz made a movie called "The Long Long Trailer". Point is that Lucy kept filling the trailer with rocks for souveniers every time they stopped and Ricky couldn't understand why it kept getting harder and harder to pull. Sounds like you are recreating both roles.

  5. LOL....I am a collector of "things". It don't matter if I need it or not, I keep it. It hurts to be toss'n my treasures.

    Billy Bob do nuttin"???? Where ya ever get an idea like that?

    Let me tell ya bout Dee Dee. She was a New Yorker and never seen a rock till I took here on a 3 month trip throughout the southwest. When we got back to San Antonio, I unloaded....I swear...500# of her rocks.

    Guess I'll just wait till tomorrow to tell ya bout my electrical day.
    Don't miss!!!