Sunday, September 20, 2009

TEXAS!!!! yeah....

Well I want ya lookie here, Old Billy Bob is in Texas.

Took off this morning right at 10:15 oclock with "that jeep" in tow. Had me a little worried for the first few miles, but after a couple "safety" checks....shoot Billy Bob, ya did it again. That there tow bar base plate be "strong like bull". Even with the added 1500 pounds, it tows just like my little red Bronco II. Well almost just like. I'm think'n I used a little more fuel than pull'n the Bronco.

Yesterday, since I knowed it was gonna be a mite warm in Texas, I decided to put some refrigerant in the dash air....but first I says, "what's that oil do'n on that fitting"??? Well shoot, maybe it's leak'n. Tightened it down a full 1/4 turn....hope that fix my leak.....dumped a couple cans R-134a in there and....cool air. How long it lasts is another thing. Good thing I know what I'm do'n, otherwise I would'a dumped 4 cans in there.
Today....it worked just great....so far. Wouldn't it be something if that fitting is/was my leak???

Got me a 45 minute nap just west of El Paso at the Texas Information Center. Dogs pee'd and took dumps, what I had to clean up 'cause the guy was watch'n. Checked on "that jeep" and everything fine.

Gonna spend the rest of the day and tonight in Van Horn so's in the morning I can run down to the auto repair place and get a Texas safety inspection. Then gas up and head'em up to "da beach".....600 miles away. Dang, ain't Texas big???

Just finished eat'n enchaladas at some greasy spoon here in Van Horn. They was better 4 years ago, but well worth the greasy tea spoon.

"that's all I have to say bout that"...GUMP


  1. Welcome to Texas Son!!

    Glad you had an uneventful trip so far. Enjoy your stay.
    I am headed out for Alpine in the AM nice and early. Keep an eye on that jeep , and as for your AC,, you may find you don't need as much of it as normal. we gitting a cool front move through. Stay well my Friend. Will tell John Wells hello for ya when I see him.

  2. Welcome home, native son!!

    Are you using the free WIFI the state of texas has at the rest areas? I am rather interested since I could not get it to work for me. My anti-virus or whatever would not let me access it even when I told it I wanted it to.

    Was wondering if other readers have had that problem and how they solved it.

    It has been such a long time since I have been in Van Horn. Like Ben said we are going to get a cold front so maybe you wont have to use your a/c as much.

    Have a safe trip.

  3. Welcome to Texas Bill Bob, you gunna do some ocean fishing?

  4. Ben & MsB, I lived through that cold front last night....it was terrible. Wind out of the north, probably Colorado since they were get'n some snow...then it rained and got some my stuff I left outside sop'n wet. Believe it of not...I turned on a heater....just a little one.

    Just looked at the weather for tomorrow. I may be stuck in Van Horn. Winds from the NE 15 to 27 mph all day till 4pm. Very hard driv'n against the wind....and dangerous.

  5. KE5MIL....no way Jose....gonna go look at the babes on "da beach". After living in Port A for 18 years, ocean fish'n is boring. Babes are never boring.

  6. Great Job on your tow package working.

    why do you need a texas safty inspection?

    Thats a pretty impressive welcome station on the New Mexico Texes border.

    Whats the name of the resturant in vanhorn?

    safe trip stay warm

  7. Moe, I need a Texas inspection 'cause I'm from Texas....MH is registered in Texas.

    Oh yeah, ask me a question I can't answer....I don't know the name of it, but it's across the street (business 10) from Loves Truck Stop.
    The food is good and the cook was cute.

  8. Dang napit,, BB if you get weathered in at Van Horn, I am going to be with bout 60 miles of you. Shoot, just take the highway down to Alpine and hold up there a day or two. :-) I got a nice place that'll fit ya in. Bet we can find a place to park the rig.

    In one of my emails you have my cell number, if you get stuck there, call me, I plan on leaving outa here early as I an get moving and "plan" on being in Alpine bout 5 or little after.