Saturday, September 12, 2009

A trying day

"drop'n a log"
Boudreaux, the 40,000 mile dog from Lafayette, La.

Old Billy Bob done wore his self slap out today. Don't none ya be call'n me "king of do'n nuttin" till I get all this stuff done. By then, I won't have nuttin left to do and will probably be found daily, "do nuttin".

Started way this morning on that base plate for "that jeep" Oh....speak'n of morning, it were freak'n cold last night and this morning. Ok...broke out that skill saw again and started shaping the angle iron to fit through that little opening below the grill. Wore a brand new blade slap out. Measured and drilled some mounting holes....all lined up perfectly. Then I had to make the other parts that attach to the "little red Bronco" tow baseplate. Was a day of "think'n", "trial and error" and a lot of "good luck". Only made one mistake through this whole ordeal, drill a hole where it weren't supposed to be. A little hole. Was hoping to get the welding done Monday, but guess what.......

Four us old fellers are going to Las Cruces for a round of golf on one of the better courses in New Mexico. University of New Mexico...tee time 8:57 Monday morning. Last time I played there I hit every tree on the course and lost at least 6 brand spank'n new golf balls. I were a "rookie" back then, but now I'm a "golf ball swak'n guy".

Cranked the solar oven round into the sun for to cook something. Well, by the time it got up to 275 degs., here come some clouds. There went a great opportunity to cook something for free.
For my dinner, I broke out a big ol' pork chop an burn it up good. Ain't nuttin like a blackened pork chop plumb full of juices. What ya do is....turn that burner way up high with some cook'n oil. As soon as it sets off the smoke alarm, it's time for the pork chop. As soon as the smoke alarms goes off again, ya turn that sucker over and smoke the other side. So simple, even a caveman could do it. I get royalties from Geico every time I mention a caveman.


  1. All I can say is,,"That's a crappy dog picture " :-) Enjoy you golf outing next week.

  2. jajajajaja...I can't believe you posted that picture, lol, lol!!!

  3. MsBelinda,

    I can believe that Billy Bob would post it.
    What I can not understand is why would he TAKE it.