Wednesday, September 16, 2009

another loooooong day

Boy howdy Billy Bob, don't ya know what time it is??? "yeah I know what time it is....almost bedtime".

Started off a beautiful day (61 degs) by spank'n old pesky neighbor Wayne at a round of golf. Not that it was a big deal, but...hehehehe...that's 10 in a row. He will never beat this "golf ball swak'n guy" till his "the fat lady" dances. Not dances you dim wit....SINGS.....sheesh!!!

Did a run to the bestest store in America....Walmart of course and bought me up everything on my list and them some that weren't on the list. My God Billy Bob, no wonder Walmart makes so much money. Did ya see how much a jug/can of coffee costs??? Holy cows!!!

The jeep is ready to roll, magnet lights and all. Well....I still have two brackets to hook up that hold the entire front end on. Not really hold the front end on...actually, I don't even know why they're there. But I guess I'll hook them up anyhows.

Got my "cut" list down to only a few more things to do before departure day, but I keep adding to it. Almost forgot to put the security bolts (standard light duty 1/4-20) in the solar panels...boy howdy, sure would hate to see them solar panels fly'n off into someones front yard.
All the solar wiring under the motorhome is secured and crank'n some amp hours. Bout 14.6 of them.

What else did I do today.....hmmmmmm...did I mention that 30 minute nap...with flies land'n on my lip? Now that really makes me mad. Did ya know that only dogs get "mad"? Humans get "angry". Ok, so I got angry at a fly.....but it hisses my off so bad it makes me MAD. Foam'n at the mouth mad, say'n "git off me....you SOB fly". That's mad.

Some times my thoughts crack me up, but when I attempt to put those thoughts into words.......
Oh well, I think I need sleep!!!


  1. Yes...like a bullet. Then a couple weeks later when I pass through San A, I may have time for a round of golf, steak dinner and maybe a good nights sleep.
    May stay a couple days.

  2. I think Wayne is really going to miss you. Does he stay there the winter or does he seek warmer weather like you?

    Have a safe trip.

  3. your chances at getting hired as a walmart greeter are not going to improve by your shameless plugs on your blog. lol

    This message was paid for by the poeple against walmart comitee.