Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another solar day

Just north of Marietta, Ga. 2002
Oh yeah, I can build a campfire. My dear son asked me if I knew how to make a campfire.
I answered, "sure I know how, a gallon of gas and a match". That evening he was at my camp to help build my fire. With out gasoline. Sometimes I wonder bout that boy!!! Can I make a fire?

Since today has a busy work schedule, I decided to get up at "golf" time...5:30am. Now, ya ain't gonna believe this, but here come old pesky neighbor Wayne 15 minutes after I got up. He says, "we gonna go play golf"?? I says...."are you nuts"??? That was the end of that and he went back home. We usually don't play on thursdays unless there's a tournament on the week end....what there ain't.

Started cut'n and mount'n the charge controller before 8am...well actually, it was mounted by that time. Not the way it's supposed to be, but up on it's side. Only way it would fit. But, since it's electronics, it could be upside down and still work.

That reminds my of the time......I like to play practical jokes, so's I turned the TV upside down before the Xwife got home. Boy howdy was she pissed. She pushed the button on that remote and started mumbl'n some stuff...in Arabic, or something like that. I swear, she was foam'n at the mouth just like Sadie Mae does when she catches a frog.

Back to work....got that wire run down through "da floor" and into the battery compartment. Hooked that sucker up and went to look see what the charge controller had to say bout that.

It says...13.61 volts. Now, you may say that's too much voltage for a 12 volt battery bank, but it ain't. The "converter" is still hooked up and charging. Will pull fuses as soon as the solar panels are hooked up. Did you know, it costs $15 to $25 a month to operate a converter in a motorhome, if ya leave lights on all night long???

Did someone mention dishes??? Yeah, ol' Billy Bob gots a sink full again. Where they all come from?

I fount this solar web site called The Solar Panel Store in Colorado. This has been my first experience with an online site that will bend over backards to serve their customer. I got my stuff in two days with follow up emails thank'n me for the order. Then they turn right around and send me some more "free" stuff. You can bet ol' Billy Bob will be a repeat customer. Great experience and excellent service. Good prices too!!!

Thank ya MsB.....ain't that Billy Bob one cute little critter???

Mo.....if'n ya bought that 20 acres what I'm going to go look at.....half is mine!!!


  1. lol, nope didnt buy the 20 acres. I got 5 acres just 1 mile down on the left on the paved road about 1000 feet north of it on comanche.

    I should have bought the 20 and rented it out to you though. lol

  2. Not for sure if this will make sense about your boy & fire...but assumption can get off the wall sometime. For me it is: why don't you work at a casino, cause your part Indian aren't ya? Yep I say but not all Indians do casinos...SHEESH!

  3. If I was part Indian Id work at a casino, Id be called Stands with a fist full o money.

  4. Off Grid too funny LMAO...have a great night eh?

  5. LOL Mo, don't ya know nuttin? All the roads are named Comanche. Don't make sense to me. That would be like go'n to New York City and all the streets would be named 5th Ave.

    I figger that if'n I buy that 20 acres and improve it with a big ol' rv shelter with covered patio, a swimm'n pool and plant some grass, I could sell it for a profit when I retire from retirement.

  6. It would be interesting to see how many times some of those parcels have changed hands over the years. More power to you if you can make a go of it out there in the desert, though.

  7. I know , Im got a mangey sense of humor. Oh well.