Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fired up to roll

Boy howdy, had anyone told me how much ya gotta do to "git ready", I would'a started last month.

Here it is 3:15 in the pm and I still have to make a trip to town to pick up my meds. Hate go'n to town just bout as much as I hate miss'n a 4 foot putt.

I got this motorhome look'n like a house. I can see out professionally cleaned windows, the floor is clean, dishes almost done, new fire fight'n device installed, can finally get to the other side of the bed, bathroom spic and span....boy howdy is old Billy Bob wore slap out. One good thing....I don't have to pack a freak'n suitcase.

Poor old pesky neighbor Wayne. He ain't one to show emotion, but I swear that was a little tear he was sport'n a while ago. Says he ain't gonna play no more golf till I get back. He took the dogs around the walk'n path for a "ride" in the golf cart. Came back 10 minutes later hug'n and kiss'n them nasty dogs. I suppose I gonna miss him too.

That's about it for now. Will have more to say later................

Ok, it's later....much later. Made my trip to town and of course I got hissed off....not angry...not mad. They charged me way too much for drugs. Has the price of drugs gone up??? My insurance company reformed themselves with-out the help of our leaders. My co-pay went up $5 on each prescription and my deductible looks like it went up $10.

Went back to "da house" and here come the rain....bucket fulls...rain drops big as a quarter knock ya out kind. Then it got cold. No snow, but cold.

Everything done. All I have to do in the morning is unhook services and hook up "that jeep" and go.

See ya down the road!!!


  1. good on you getting all stowed to move out. About ole pesky Wayne. Maybe, just maybe he is begging to feel his age and starting to think about his time left and afraid he may not see you again?

    I know the last time I saw my ole Buddy Bruce I had his wife take our picture together cause both of us were beginning to feel our mortality. Sadly it did turn out to be out last time together.

  2. "begging" in that post should have been "beginning"

  3. How long you planning on being gown BB. Sounds like your leaving for good. I thought you was just taking a little fishing trip and to get your registration done

  4. Ben....I'm think'n Wayne is think'n "I" may not come back alive. I got worse health problems than he does.

    River...just mak'n a round around Texas. Takes bout 6 to 8 weeks. If'n Texas was a tiny state like New Jersey, I'd be back in a couple days.

  5. On the road again, just cant wait to be on the road again,,, in my best willie singing voice.