Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ok, we gonna do it different today. By wait'n till the wee hours at night to make my post, I forget all the good stuff and then I say, "did ya tell 'em bout the hole Sadie and Lug Nut dug"?

It's 9:15am, to some that would be something like 09:15, what most people have no freak'n idea what 09:15 is. The weather guy said it would be in the lower 50's this morning. Yeah right...try 61 with nuttin but clouds and some 18 mph winds. Good golf ball swak'n weather, but "I ain't go'n".

Put my old dirty laundry in the new washers.....lololol.....one don't work. Cleaned all the hair and stuff off everything in the bathroom...dang dogs. Have ya ever seen a dog that sheds year round? That's Lug Nut. You think my bathroom was bad, you should see my bed. Dog hair everywhere. But I love my dogs and my Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

12:45pm.....Ok here's the deal. I don't walk. Rode the jeep back up to the laundry room and....here we go again....someone mess'n with the Billy Bob. The freak'n dryer didn't dry my jeans.

Got almost everything loaded up that goes in the jeep. Put them useless brackets on that hold the front of the jeep from fall'n off, all tools are in their proper place....oh, did I tell ya I almost forgot the solar oven....
Oh Oh....nap time!!!

Nap's over, finished, done. Now I got important stuff to do....not that a nap ain't important. In fact, a nap is very important. It clears your mind of "junk" while at the same time refreshing your body to function in a manor it was designed. But then on the other hand, "abusing" nap time can lead to being grouchy and cantankerous, what fogs your mind worse than before tak'n a nap. Makes sense to me!!!

I rekon the rest of the day will be consumed in "wimmin" work. You know, dishes, trash, clean'n windows, dust'n, fold'n laundry, vacuum'n and cook'n. Wimmin got is so easy!!! How would they handle those little tasks if'n they had to mow the yard, wash the car, go fish'n, fix broke stuff and paint the house. And watch a football game.

Boy howdy did it ever get windy. Wind blow'n bout 30mph, sand com'n in every little crack, stuff blow'n off "da porch" and the dogs are hunkered down on the couch. LOLOLOL....wait till I fire up that Dust Devil...Lug Nut gonna be gone...out of here. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....Lug Nut was in a sound sleep when I fired up the Dust Devil and stuck that hose up to him. Ya would'a think a alligator bit him right on his ass. Out the door in a single bound.

Ok, enough nonsense. I got work to do.


  1. Well I guess I'll have to start using that AM-PM thing, so people don't have to start counting on their fingers to figure out what time it is. I agree that posting in the morning I put more stuff in than I do at night.

  2. Oh, was that you that was posting military time??? Been years since I used that ancient form of tell'n time. Kind of like metric versus "good old American" standard inches, feet, ounces and pounds.

    As us old folks get a little more older, we tend to forget what we did a couple hours ago, but we earned that from what we learned and remembered in the past when our brains were a functioning part of out body. Is today Thursday????

  3. Speaking of forgetting things, :-) I thought of you and all of us older farts who forget things.


    Nuthing personal you understand. :-)

  4. Hey forgetting/losing things ain't all that bad. uh...........o yah, on the good side I now have at least three of everything in my shop. More nails and screws that I can't find that any five people would ever use and at least one screwdriver for each one of them.
    And uh, ask me later maybe then maybe I can tell you what I wanted to say, then again maybe not.