Saturday, September 26, 2009

think'n back

Good morning all you wonderful people. Sure do look like I gonna get me some sunshine today. Wind is still com'n out of the north, but I got the door swung wide open, dogs lay'n out on the grass...if'n that's what ya wanna call it...an' I'm sit'n here naked as a jay bird, drink'n coffee and enjoy'n life.

Hey....did I ever tell ya bout the time....we had us one them old time "skinny dip'n" parties on the beach. There was...must'a been half the town...at least 30 of us...drink'n beer, hoot'n an holler'n...had a big ole bon fire shoot'n flames twenty feet in the air, couldn't see nuttin it were so dark....when here come the City Pole-lice...both of 'em. Lights flash'n, sireeeens scream'n and out jumps "shorty" with gun in hand say'n "what the hell are ya people do'n with no clothes on"? I says..."fish'n". Next day the old judge, with a grin on his face, says..."that were some party, Huh"?
Oh well....just thought ya should know that.

Do ya ever think back to the other part of your life and kind of wonder how ya made it this far? Old Billy Bob done some stuff most "normal" people wouldn't attempt if'n their life depended on it. On visiting my cousin out in Ca. for the first time in over thirty years, her first words were, "my God, are you still alive"? Jumped ship when I was in the Navy...back in 62 or 63. Boy howdy did I ever get in trouble for that. All I was gonna do was go for a swim....what I weren't the best swimmer in the world...or the Navy matter fact. Upon almost drown'n myself, I was safely back on board look'n like an old tom cat what fell in a bath tub.

Today is gonna be special. Think'n bout go'n out and do something. May run down to the harbor and see if'n my old buddy still lives on his boat there. Ain't seen Steve and Danni in years.

The old back feels a little better this morning. Did ya know....a bad back changes your lifestyle? Well, so does many other aches and pains. Sometime I get to think'n....yeah, I still do that....there ain't much I can do anymore. Then I get to think'n, just do what ya can and enjoy it. Well, since I don't do the "walk'n" thing and I don't do the "work'n" thing, I ain't got much else left to "adventurize" myself with. Speak'n of walk'n and work'n.....boy howdy....never mind that subject.

Ok...now what ya gonna do Billy Bob????


  1. hi, ok, that looked your blog and it's grate. keep it up, and I'll check in from time to time.you know what I'm talking about.


  2. Hey Billy Bob, I HOPE like hell you got some clothes on before you headed out to find your ole buddies. :-)

    IF I were down there, I would be hunting a local shrimp boat and load up on some fresh shrimp and maybe a small flounder for a meal.. But that is just me.

  3. Dude, ever been to SPI? Tons of stuff to do there. It's not that much farther south. Use the Jeep, take a day trip. Just looked it up...it's only 200 miles.

  4. KE5MIL, dude, do you have any idea how old this old fart is??? For ME to drive 200 miles, I would have to stop two or four times get'n there, then take a nap, then have to find a coffee shop, take some aspirin and go outside and do exactly what I'm do'n here.
    LOL...I think'n I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm well fed, relaxed, laid back, happy and now I gotta go pee.

  5. Ben, the fish market is only 5 minutes from "da house" with all kinds of daily catch. Still a bit early for flounder, but shrimp is on the menu for tomorrow. How bout a big ole pan of shrimp scampi (extra garlic) served over creamy alfredo noodles. Sounds good to me!!!

  6. Sounds good on your menu BB,, ever made up Orzo with some favorite seasoning and put you perfect cooked shrimp on it? Good Stuff.

  7. Hey Billy B,, I just remembered a great IMHO seafoof place close to you. Just head up to the ferry and cross over . The go find.

    Snoopy's Pier
    13313 S Padre Island Dr
    Corpus Christi, TX 78418
    (361) 949-8815‎

    Great fresh local seafood and outside dining right by the ship channel.

    Been there, in fact several years ago I went out of my way just to eat there. sort of difficult to get to. But well worth it!!

  8. Did ya know....a bad back changes your lifestyle?

    Yeap...unfortunately I do.

    It's nice to sit around nude every once in a while...just ask Off Grid, lol!!!

    BTW, I love your stories (wink)..

  9. Ms belinda, Hey! you should have heard me say it when I read your comment.

    Dont beleive her, I dont remember nothin bout nakedness or running around the house singing and dancin when paul came to stop by to see how I was doing. oooops.