Friday, November 21, 2014

Project done, finished, complete...well, almost

In case you missed yesterdays update, the desktop is finished, the kitchen table has been modified an' placed in the corner. The electrical circuit has been installed. Actually, one them plug in thingys plugged into the microwave receptacle. Pieces of scrap wood toss out in the yard, tools picked up....an' sweeped the floor. Me an' my wonderful son Robert work on that shit for bout 5 hours just to get it *this* close to perfect as possible. A few choice words was spoke as things didn't line up.

These photos reposted just in case ya miss them yesterday.

There is still lots to do after this project. Where in the hell am I gonna put all them can goods what was stored under the couch? It looks like a trip to Walmart is on the agenda to buy up some plastic containers to fit on the shelves in the hall closet. That's why I built them shelves for, right?

Now, bout that chair. I'm think'n that thing ain't gonna work out as I planned. Ya see, I sit in it bout 4 times now, watch'n TV ya know, an' each time I sit in it, I fall slap to sleep. Yes, it's that comfortable. I still need to place a swivel point on the floor for the swivel chair base. This will allow me to grab holt to that chair an' slide it out from the wall, but still be in the same position when I push it back in. An' it won't be roam'n round the living room while go'n down the road. One lag screw placed in the correct position will take care of that.

Then....Robert grab holt to Sadie Mae an' give her a bath, toenail clip'n an' took to her with his dog hair clippers.

 Surprisingly, she only bited him one time. Well, it weren't really a bite. It were just a little "nip" to remind him to be very very careful. She's happy.
But......."Robert, that's not the way ya cut hair".

Ok, all the talk I done for the last couple years bout comfort in my latter years. I'm think'n that project is finished. I have a very comfortable bed to sleep in. I have a very comfortable recliner to kick back in. Got rid of all that carpet so's I can clean the entire floor in less than 10 minutes (sweep an' damp mop). I got me the best computer desk in the world.....an' a very comfortable office chair. That table over there in the corner can be used either to eat on or prepare home cook'n meals. Shoot, I got it made in the shade.

Say'n good bye ain't one my favorite past times. Everbody is on their way to Florida to git on the dad gum cruise ship. It's just me an' Sadie Mae. Yesterdays an' last nights good bye's was short an' sweet.....the Billy Bob way. Hugs, I love ya's an' hope to see you down the road a piece.   

Ok, one more photo of the finished project.

See ya tomorrow......

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