Monday, November 17, 2014

Pilot house look'n good

Oh boy, you talk bout some cold weather headed this way. Temps are supposed to fall into the 30's by 5pm today. An' expected to fall another 10 degs. to 24 degs, by tomorrow (Tuesday) morn'n. I'm think'n there will be no golf ball swak'n for at least the next 10 days.

Ok, so it's a little cold outside an' the old Billy Bob is sit'n on his ass in "da house". I can do that ya know....I'm a retired person. An' retired persons know how to (professionally) do that. It ain't like we got to go chop down some trees an' cut 'em in little pieces for firewood....or go mow the lawn. All we need is some warmth an' a comfortable place to sit down.

Now, bout this trip to south Texas. Does it really matter when I get on the road? Nope, it sure don't. Ya see, when I arrive in south Texas....I'm gonna sit on my ass. An occasional round of golf ball swak'n an' maybe catch me up a couple fish once in a while. In other words, I'm gonna be do'n the same thing I am here in Georgia. If'n it snows, no biggie....snow melts. Frozed up water lines....ice melts. But, I like south Texas an' a couple weeks of winter versus months of winter in Georgia. See ya down the road a piece, when ever that will be.

Ha, me an' Robert work on that tug boat yesterday. We was make'n steps an' railing for the pilot house. My god, 4 hours down the drain.

After Robert headed home, I builded the railings for the back of the pilot house. You talk bout some cuss'n....I knows how to cuss I betcha. Bet ya didn't notice I painted the mast flat black. May change that.

Robert show up this morn'n. He says...."daddy, let's go look at chairs (swivel rocker) at the Lazy Boy store. I can do that. *But my main concern is to go buy some more paint for the tug boat.* Need a can of sandable primer an' another can of white. More on the chair later.

Speak'n of hit'n the road...everbody wants me to remain at "yo mama's" until they return from the Caribbean. A family get together to see their daddy an' papaw off. Tons of home cooked food. Danc'n girls....stuff like that.

Ok, time to go look at chairs. See ya laters.  


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