Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

What the hell...is today a holiday??? Well shoot, I rekon it is. Everbody been talk'n bout Thanksgiving for a couple weeks now. This must be the day.

I don't know all bout Thanksgiving an' how it came to be, but I do remember something bout some drunken sailors what got lost at sea. "Land Hooooooo" one sailor shouted....as he was upchuck'n over the side...."I think I see a pub".

The ship was anchored up in a little cove an' the entire crew rowed ashore. Across the beach, they see smoke......loud wild music can be heard. There's a party go'n on. Half neekid kids run'n round, danc'n wimmins ain't got no tops on.....bouncy bouncy....men sip'n up the nectars of the sun gods. The smell of BBQ'ed fresh cut meats fill the air. One little fat man is cook'n some kind of strange bird (wild turkey) on a spit while he bastes it with a golden liquid (duck fat). Feathers lay at his feet.

Everbody gathers round, the natives an' the drunken sailors, in one big group. A feller with feathers grow'n out his head an' down his back steps forward an' begins a chant....wave'n a stik in the air.....or some shit like that. "Hoooga boooga walla bang bang Sacajawea obunga galla howdy dooo y'all". That's translated to "today we give thanks for this food....an' the gifts these drunken sailors bring us". Everbody digs in an' they all have a great Thanksgiving dinner with all the trim'ns.

That might not be exactly how it happen, but I'm think'n it was something like that. Today we celebrate that day all over again as we have for many many years. The turkey industry is mak'n a kill'n.

But today, I am alone. I ain't got me no turkey. I ain't got no cranberry sauce. All I got is a package of cheap hot dogs an' a froze pizza in the freezer. But, I am very thankful that grilled turkey, basted with duck fat, was discovered bout 500 years ago.

Ok, that's out of the way. Hope everbody gets their fill of a huge dinner today an' give a ton of thanks for all the family that come to visit.

Gonna try to make boat building a short subject toady. I did spend some quality time work'n on that thing yesterday an' yesterday night. As you can plainly see, it ain't gonna be long fore this sucker is done. Life boats an' smokestack rigging installed.

Hmmmmm....I got to make them doors more visible.

   Looks like more cold weather headed this way.....mid 30's at night an' a chilly mid 50's day time. That's nice for all them people that live up north, but this is the south....we don't do freez'n cold weather. *in the south, any time the temp drops below 55 degs, water will instantly freeze into big ol' ice cubes*


  1. Like your Thanksgiving story, sounds about right to me.
    could always pick up a turkey breast or drumstick and burn it on your Weber Q.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving day, I had Thanksgiving day meal at senior center yesterday, today a local gas station and diner gives free Thanksgiving day meal, tomorrow a local church has a Thanksgiving day meal plus the local casino owned by native americans has Thanksgiving day meal/buffet so no shortage of Turkey here. Being part native american I can enjoy/appreciate all of it.

  3. Have a Good Thanksgiving even if you don't get any turkey. I know -- come to California and we will give you some.

  4. Last year I smoked a turkey on the Weber & made dressing in a dutch oven but & we were in Texas.

  5. I bought deli turkey meat for sandwiches and a store bought pumpkin pie. But it sure isn't home cooking. Maybe next year I'll be somewhere I can get the real thing.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, BB and that boat is looking good. I think I see the doors that need painted. Then you can call it "done". BTW, what will the name of the boat be?