Sunday, November 23, 2014

My god, life is good

Man boy howdy, that dad gum George an' Suzie has got me all fired up. Go head, click it, you'll be glad ya did.
Ya see, he's over there in Louisiana, one my favorite states, hav'n the time of his life, an' he's tell'n the whole world bout it. The old Billy Bob is sit'n here with spit run'n down his chin (drool). Some of ya may remember bout a year an' a half ago, I was mak'n me plans on a trip to Louisiana. Eat me up some cajun food an' listen to cajun music. Two of my favorite things to do. Spend a couple weeks at Betty's RV Resort. That's where George is at an' that what HE is do'n.

Yup, yesterday was another excellent day. Did me up a few little chores to finish the desktop an' put me a pivot point on that chair (recliner). That's so I can push it up to the wall for travel, or I can pull it out for a wonderful reclined nap. That's the best I can do to 'splain it.

Later in the day, I decided that dad gum tug boat need a little attention. Let's start mak'n a couple smoke stacks. My god, how long does it take to make a couple simple smoke stacks??? Measure, cut, sand, glue an' paint (paint scheme can easily be changed....in bout two hours or so).

Ya wanna see 'em on the boat? Ok, here ya go.

There is still a ton of stuff to be added to the stacks. This was the easy part. Due to outside weather conditions, rain an' chilly, there's a slight possibility I may be work'n on a tug boat today.

Oh poot. I was outside yesterday an' I smell propane. I start inspect'n all the connections at the 10 gallon external tank what is hooked to "da house". Well shoot, I want you lookie here, the 20# regulator is got a leak. I'm think'n moisture got in it while it was unhooked for bout 6 months. Then when we hook it up, an' the temps got below freez'n, that moisture freeze up an' break my regulator. Just a thought.
Now I got me a decision, do I replace the regulator, or throw that sucker in the dumpster? The hose is a medium pressure hose (reason for regulator), but I'm think'n it can handle the high tank pressure just fine. If not, THEN I got me a new hose AND a regulator to replace.

Now, let me tell ya bout the last three days. Comfort does make a difference. I ain't had not one negative thought. Not even this morn'n with some back pain an' rain'n like hell outside. As soon as I clean up all this mess, I'll take a picture so's you'll know why I feel so good. My god, life is good.....sometimes.

Think'n I'll leave it at that. See ya all tomorrow.

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