Monday, November 3, 2014

Yesterday was a slow day....more like "lazy" day

Well shoot, I didn't get all that stuff done yesterday like I was figger'n on do'n. Dang, that's a lot of work.

Robert come by an' spend most the day with me. Just talk'n an' stuff like that. Was a very welcomed visit. Brung me a dozen Kryspy Kreem donuts......yum yum boy howdy.....he's a good boy.

Tug boat construction. Yup, I worked on that dad gum tug boat yesterday afternoon. Made a few adjustments (big ol' machinist file an' some sandpaper) to the deck so's it don't fit too tight when installed inside the hull. Then I said...."what the hell, let's prime the hull".
An' that's exactly what I did.

Boy howdy that paint gonna stick like glue when I decide on a color scheme.

Well shoot, I waked up all depressed again this morn'n. I've spent bout 4 or 5 months in Georgia to get my back fixed an' ain't done a thing....other than a ton of tests. Ain't MY fault though.....dad gum doctors. Now I got to round up all the doctor reports to take back to Texas with me. That probly gonna take a freak'n week. An' then, I asks Robert where my MRI CD is at. Ok, are ya ready for this??? He left it at the hunt'n camp....200 mile down the road. He has to take a day to go get it.

Then, to add to the depression, I'm gonna be all alone when I get back to south Texas. An' I'm gonna have to find me a "set of ears" to assist me with mumbl'n doctors (think'n of nephew Joseph) an' order'n food at the Mexican restaurants (think'n of OFM Barney). Hard of hear'n really sucks.

I've researched RV parks in the Aransas Pass area of south Texas an' have yet to decide where I want to stay. South Texas is a rather large area, so I could go further south. The possibility I may spend a couple weeks....or so at "El Rancho Abraham" has crossed my mind.  That would give me time to find a perfect location to spend my winter. Just a thought. Is there really a perfect place to go camp'n?

Ok, I got things to do. "What ya gonna do Billy Bob"????


  1. South Texas would be the warmest, and Barney says the fishing is fairly good.

  2. I know what you mean about hard of hearing but slurred speech, which I have, makes everybody the equivalent of 'hard of hearing' and you never know what they understand or think you said, so I limit what I say for fear of having people misinterpret what I say and spread stories that I don't recognize. Hearing aids help but also amplify all sounds so one still has to sort through the sounds and pick out what is believed to have been said.
    On aging, I thought this was interesting, copied from a blog..This evening at the Guava Gardens Apartments, we had a Halloween Party! There was good food, loud music and nice dancing.

    It is really amazing to see the life that the seniors at Guava Apartments showed at this party. Everybody was dancing. Even Dora who is coming up on her 104th birthday was dancing. She had to use her walker to dance. But that was OK. Just before Dora went back up to her apartment she told me, "I really had a good time!"

  3. I try to take my daughter with me for important appointments because her hearing is perfect and her memory is much better than mine. I talked to a doctor on the phone over the weekend but couldn't understand anything she said because her accent was so thick. I used to be able to understand any accent, but no more. My daughter called her back and got the entire story! So wherever you go BB, make sure you can have an extra pair of "ears" when you need it.

    Also, be ready for some doctors to tell you it doesn't matter what reports and pictures you bring, they want to do their own. They tell you it's because they want their own technicians, but they really want to be able to bill Medicare & insurance. Good luck.

  4. That blog quoted above was from Tioga George's blog.

  5. Hard of hearing really sucks, I too have the same issues, everybody mumbles, can't hardly understand a word.
    Lotsa nice places in south Texas for you to hang out and go golf ball swakin' with OFM.

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