Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Yo mama" is back

So what's on the agenda for today? I'm think'n there is a need to clean up some this boat building crap that's lay'n all over the floor an' desktop.

Speak'n of boat building, I want you take a look at what I did yesterday. Can ya see it??? Look very closely. I made a change to the tug boat. Tell me what you find. I would give ya a hint Sissy, but others would pick up on it an' the excitement of find'n the change would come to a screech'n halt.

Hey, lookie there. You can see them doors now, plain as day. That's not a hint if'n you're look'n at them doors.

Ok, this cold weather, plus the leak'n propane regulator, has cause me a problem. I'm bout out of propane. The black water tank (poop tank) needs to be emptied. This means a trip up the road a piece on I-20 to Love's truck stop. I had planned to do that this week end, with the help of my wonderful son Robert. But Robert is at the hunt'n camp.....so I hear through the grapevine.

Now bout that chair. The only reason I mention that chair is 'cause I find it funny. It don't make no matter what time I sit in that sucker, I go to sleep. Last night, there was this program on TV I just had to watch. So I go over there an' sit in that chair sip'n up a cup an' watch'n that excit'n program. Well, there went one good program off to the zzzzzz's department. Damn that chair.

At 1am, I am NOT ready for any bed time. I loads up Google maps to reexamine my travel route back to Texas. I switch it to "earth" view. There's that black screen again. What the hell, this never happen before I got my computer fixed. I Google for a fix to this condition. Ah Ha....lookie here. Go to settings in your browser an' turn off  "hardware acceleration". Ha, fix that sucker right up. I see trees an' shit.
Anyhows, out of bout a dozen choices for a route, there is only a couple miles difference betwix 'em. Here is my latest route.
This route is subject to change........

"Yo mama" an' HIL Harry are back home. They tell me all bout their cruise to the Bahamas an' all the fun they had. Sure am glad I didn't tag along. I don't like big ass ships an' thousands of people. Now a 50 foot sail'n boat go'n to the Bahamas, that would be more to my like'n. In fact, I would git all excitis on a trip like that.

Ok, it's get'n late in the day....visitors ya know, this is all I'm gonna write for today. See ya all tomorrow, maybe even with a few new pictures of that dad gum tug boat.


  1. Replies
    1. Portholes have not been installed yet. Them are just holes in the wall. Undecided what color to paint 'em. Probly gonna be flat black....?????

  2. Looks like you added a search light up on top or is that something in the background?

  3. Don't know but I love what you have created. Also enjoy the new header photo.