Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hello Margaret

Well shoot, ain't nobody wanna play "find the change". One comment guessed the search light was new.  Anyhows, that not a change.....that's a "add". But, this commenter was within inches of the change. Now do you see it???

I rekon we won't be play'n this game no more.

Yesterday turned out to be a not so good day at Billy Bob's house ("da house"). I didn't feel like work'n on no stink'n tug boat. I didn't feel like work'n on nuttin in fackt. My right hip was hurt'n like a sum-a-gun. Advil didn't help. Aspirin didn't help. An' Tylenol III didn't help neither. That chair was tryed bout 4, 5, or 8 times. That didn't help neither. Sure hope we ain't relaps'n back to 2 months ago.

Then, it's 8pm, I eat me up a can of chicken noodle soup. I hit that chair an' wakes up 3 hour later. My god, I'm sick like a dog what ate a "road kill" rabbit. My heart rate drop to 45 bpm. Batteries are dead in the blood pressure thingy. I'm dizzy an' my legs feel really strange. "Is this it Margaret"????

I takes me a Alka Seltzer. Ha, in 15 minutes I'm feel'n soooo much better.

In fack, I'm feel'n so much better, I look at that tug boat sit'n over there. I polyurethane them "brown" masts. I just gave it away that change didn't I??? But you knew I would. Then I super glued a couple fingers together. Ya see, I was work'n on some tiny pieces what needed to be glued. No need to say no more bout that.

That's bout all I got to say for one day. Laters.....  


  1. They still look blackish to me. But the whole dang thing is beautiful. I especially like the trim around the door closest to the bow.

  2. I see a flag holder or something sticking out the front of the front of the top deck that wasn't on the origanal picture.

  3. Yo, BB! Who the hell is Margaret?