Friday, November 7, 2014

Yup, it's git'n cold

Yup, it's a bit on the chilly side this morn'n. But I knowed that was gonna happen. So, I stayed up till 3am last night an' roll out of bed at 9am. Missed the coldest part of the day.

I messed with that deck some more yesterday. Put some poly on it, waited for it to somewhat dry an' put some more. It ain't right. Got little tiny "fish eye" look'n stuff in the surface. But, you cain't see it from your house. The deck is finished.

After I open that "brown truck" package, I got to think'n. Before I mount the motor there need to be something to mount it to. A motor mount. In the instructions, there is a section on building the motor mount. Boy howdy did that ever turn into a cluster. Ya see, the motor I received has a different motor mount than the one in the instructions. Modifications are applied. The mount is Bondo'ed to the bottom of the tug boat an' the motor lines up *this* close to perfect.

Ok, I went outside....yesterday. Did half of what I said I was gonna do. All the tools an' important "might need this" stuff were stowed in their proper locations. That weren't no 5 minute job. Now all I need is a great big ol' trash bag for all the junk that's still lay'n on the ground. Dang I hate throw'n these lawn chairs in the dumpster..... Still pissed off at Academy for sell'n cheap shit that only lasts 2 years.

Ok, I was in hopes of hit'n the pavement next week, but by the looks of things, I ain't gonna make it. Ya see, I got to get them medical report things took care of, my MRI CD from the hunt'n camp an' a complete list, addresses an' phone numbers, of all the doctors I seen. This is important for in case I need to see a doctor in Texas.

Now, bout see'n a doctor in Texas. I'm not knowed to jump up an' down an' praise a pain medication (Advil), but this stuff is work'n. It's been weeks since I've been in severe pain (7, 8's an' 9's). I can deal with this (3, 4's an' a slight 5). Think'n Advil has more anti-inflammatory in it than my aspirins (Bayer Back an' Body). The real test will be a full round of golf ball swak'n.

I rekon that's bout it for today. Sure do wish I had something excit'n to write about, but you know how that goes when ya sit on yer ass all day long....work'n on tug boats. Dang I want to paint that hull. 



  1. If you can get by with only Advil for pain, then I think you are doing pretty well. Maybe you won't even need to see a doctor in Texas. And I'll betcha a hunnert dollars that Texas doctors won't rely on any tests done by Georgia doctors - they will have to do their own!

    1. For the procedure I would be hav'n, kill'n nerves, I probly don't need nuttin but my MRI.
      At this point, the back pain is almost un-noticable, but the dad gum hip pain is there every day. Mostly bearable.
      Ha...ain't no way in hell I would ever go through all them tests again. It's either MY way or no way. Hey, I heard that somewhere's before.

  2. After trying everything for pain for years I settled on Advil too, back pain and Aurthur-itis. Gotta get outta Dodge soon. We gonna pass right by there in about 2 weeks.

  3. I must have missed you planning on leaving, getting back to TX. We're getting one of those "Artic" fronts Tuesday, might even frost here.