Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sometimes we forget things.....like "publish"

Yesterday was another wonderful day at the old Billy Bob's house. Plenty of beautiful sunshine, warm temps an' just a slight breeze. You cain't beat that with a stik. Low temp last night was 43 degs...yesterday's high was 75.

Boy howdy, did I ever get with it yesterday work'n on that tug boat. I put shit together, filed an' sanded up a storm an' hit the paint shop. Not a run, not a flaw can I find. Oh wait.....

I placed the hull in it's little holder (cradle) thingy. Paper had been placed in it so the hull wouldn't get "holder" (cradle) marks on it. Ha, like fresh paint gives a crap if'n ya try to protect it.....it has two marks. A close up photo would never show the marks, but Billy Bob is a Libra....he can see them.

This is close to what my Lackawana will look like when it's completed.

Of course, you know the old Billy Bob will make some modifications an' color changes.

Boy howdy, I got all excitis last night an' had me some golf'n dreams. I must'a been swing'n that club pretty darn hard 'cause my back hurted like hell this morn'n. More than what it usually does. Waked up to a dad gum leg cramp. It's Tylinol III time. What is just now begin'n to work. More thought has been tossed around bout "murder" of them nerves. You would think that in 2014, there would be a permanent fix for old folks like me.

Oh poop, just got back to "da house" from a wondeful game of golf ball swak'n an' see I forgot to publish my post this morn'n. Here it is.....what there is of it. See ya tomorrow.


  1. So how was your golf game? Do you still have the old magic (according to the OFM you always win)? Sometimes I think "Now why doesn't Billy Bob just go ahead and get the dang murder over with?" But you remind me that you are a Libra and my question is answered!

  2. I figured you would get around to it sooner or later!

    I sure like the boat in the picture, so I figure yours will be even nicer!

  3. That boat "is Booful" as my great grandson, Lane, would say. Gosh, BB, you sound in such good spirits that it just makes me feel good also.

    So enthused about going golfing you forgot to hit 'publish', hmm? That's called Excitement.

    I think the "murder route" would cause you some excitement also, even if it is temporary. Having no pain, even if it lasted for one week would cause me to rejoice with gratitude and possibly empower me to try backflips or headstands. Just sayin'.

  4. Golf ball swakin!!! Wow no wonder you got side tracked.