Thursday, November 13, 2014

Not much sleep at Billy Bob's house

2:30 am....I'm wide awake. How comes???
3:30 am.....I'm wide awake again. How comes???
4:45 am.....I git out of bed, turn the computer on, take a Advil....cough up a storm. Sit here think'n.
6:10 am....coffee is brew'n.

I can tell right now......today will NOT be a good day. Ain't a good start anyhows.

I got some paint'n to do today. Ya see, before I can install the hand rails, they have to be painted black. Two hours was spended last night sand'n them little pieces of plastic to rounded edges so's they look like real hand rails. The fantail deck has been covered with wood....not plastic like the instructions say so. It will match the main deck with stain an' polyurethane. If'n I don't like it, I got me a can of black paint.

The cabin an' pilot house have been completed (construction). Straight as a arrow. Roofs glued on...ready for details. Pic later when it ain't so dark in "da house". 

Went up the road to Villa Rica to Walmart. Was surprised there weren't a gazillion people shop'n. I never cuss one time. Got my meds refilled an' buy me up a buggy full of stuff. Got me some groceries too.

Oh crap. I fell slap to sleep right here in my chair. My neck is kill'n me. I got me a head ache from hell. My right hip feels like that bulldozer guy come by for a visit. "Don't sleep in a chair Billy Bob".

Ok, it's cold outside. Well, not near as cold as it gonna be tomorrow. But still, I ain't go'n out there for nuttin.

If I get to feel'n a bit better...."I'll be back"......


  1. I sympathize with you because I hate it when I wake up and then can't get back to sleep. That's when I start thinking about problems in my life and that makes sure I won't go back to sleep. Maybe it was the excitement of going to Walmart that kept you awake!

  2. Read about COPD this morning, While i wasn't sleeping. Didn't know a morning headache was part of it. Knew about the cough and i think the steroids are causing the sleep issue. Also laying flat does.
    I'll be glad to see the specialist Monday.

  3. It is cold here, too. Way too cold for this part of the country at this time of the year. Will freeze by the morning.

  4. Congratulations. It sounds like you have found a nice home for the duration. Please post pics of the ice and snow when it arrives.

  5. Hope can keep toasty warm in da house and soon get on the road to Texas, hate them sleepless nights too.

  6. I'm not much of a commentor, but I am so glad to see Barney's comment. No posts and comments are blocked. I was worried about "the old fat man".