Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Comfort Update.....Wrong Billy Bob....it's too freak'n big

Today we will be talk'n bout "the mistakes we make" at an older age. I try very hard to NOT make mistakes, but in the last few years, the numbers have added up. I probly made a few in my younger years, but I don't dwell on them. Like the time I stick my hand in a fish's mouth to retrieve my hook. An' the fish has teeth. Have ya ever hear Billy Bob scream?

Ok, on with my terrible, not life threatening, mistake of the day. We went shop'n. Chair shop'n. For hours. Drive a gazillion miles. An' it was freez'n cold. We looked at a gob of chairs in bout 4 or 5 furniture sell'n places. Two of my favorite ones was at the Lazy Boy store, both very comfortable an' both good look'n mama's. We returned to "da house" to do some think'n. To this point, it's been a good day.

Long story short, I bought a Lazy Boy swivel, rocker, recliner with all the comfort you could ever dream possible.

It takes 20 minutes to remove, an' toss in the dumpster ( the back of Robert's pick 'em up), a couch from a motorhome. Plastic containers of can foods will be find'n a new home (storage area). I sit in that "chair" sit'n in the middle the room. Rock back a forth, swivel that sucker a 360 a couple time an' throws it in recline. Holy crap, I love this chair.

Then we throws it up on the slide out floor. It don't fit. No way in hell it will ever fit.

  Well shoot, I can modify that an' have me the most comfortable sit'n place in the world. Long story short.....no ya can't. Draw'ns are drawed, measurements made, swivel removed an' different positions tryed....it won't work. No way in hell it will ever work.

I call Robert this morn'n..."do you still have the couch in your truck"? Twenty minutes an' we can install that sucker in "da house". Now, who in my family would like a brand spank'n new swivel rocker recliner for Christmas?

Just for fun, I worked on that tug boat last night....while I'm beat'n my head against the walls.
The top pilot house railings have been installed an' that little ladder was constructed. Man boy howdy, you talk bout some time....bout 4 hours bend'n wire, solder'n, paint'n an' glue'n. This boat is gonna take years to finish.

Yes it was cold last night.....bout 24 degs. But I managed to get a good nights sleep. Except for another episode of acid reflex. Come slap out my nose....burn like hell.

I know it's late to make a update, but....I'm all excitis. I found a way to make the recliner work an' not lose much "dance floor" area. But, it's a major modification to my liv'n room. I'll tell ya all bout it in the morn'n. I still have to make a drawing to make sure my excitement ain't for nuttin. 

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