Friday, November 28, 2014

Update: Doors, that chair an' I got hot water.....Sun shiny day....still a bit chilly out there

Ok....boy howdy, I like to freeze my buttocks off last night. Before I go to bed. At midnight,  while I was watch'n some excit'n movies, the temps fell to 30 degs. By 3am....the last movie ain't over yet, it was 27 degs out there. Mr Heater do'n it's thing. But guess what, start'n tomorrow, we will have a full week of nice weather. 40's at night.....60's day time.

I was need'n some hot water. Got a pile of dirty pile dishes ya know. The dad gum water heater don't come on. Ya don't warsh dishes in cold water. I goes out there, in the cold....wind blow'n, an' I check that water heater out. Hmmmmm....no flame....."Damn it's cold out here". I hear the gas valve kick in. Now just 'cause I hear it, that don't mean it valve is open'n up allowing propane to flow. It too freak'n cold to check it out. Wait for a warmer day. Heat water on the stove.
This should be enough information to get me a bunch of "easy fixes" from my followers. 

Procrastinate, one of MsB's favorite words. Now I don't know if'n she has the old Billy Bob beat or not when it comes to "I'll take care of that tomorrow". but I'm think'n it's a close race. For most outside stuff what needs done right now, I use weather as a excuse. Paperwork??? My god, don't even mention that stuff. Two days pass deadline, I might get it done. But, in the end run, it gets done.

Pizza....that's what I had for Thanksgiv'n dinner last night. My first bite I was think'n a bite out a big ol' turkey leg. Another bite, some mash taters an' gravy. Down to the last slice, it was pumpkin pie, with a dollop of whip cream. I had me a fine Thanksgiving dinner.  

I removed each of the super glued cabin doors. Man, what a job. Painted the edges black. Now maybe you can see them. Well yeah, but ya cain't see the hinges an' there ain't no door knobs on them doors. I'm not done yet. A test door will be fabricated, just to see what it look like. You'll be the first to know.

Compared to this....

I'm think'n I got the right idea. What you think???

You may have noticed, there is a railing added to the cabin roof. My god, that took a good two hours just to install, plus the two hours to fabricate. Lot's of tweezer, needle nose, some tooth pick work was involved. Then I had to paint them railings. Bout a hour or so.

Internet searches came up with just one photo of the real Tackawanna tug boat. I'm think'n my tug boat looks just like that. Cain't wait to put it in the water to see if'n it floats.

Bout them back pains. I've had me a little relapse in the last week. Still a long ways from where I was a couple months ago, but it hurts more than a week ago. But, for the last week, I've been sit'n on my ass more than a week ago too. Somewheres down the road a piece, I know I'm gonna have to do something. Arthritis don't get better, it only gets worse. I've lived with this shit since 2000, I can make it a few more years a while longer.

Still no firm decision of my departure date. Actually I'm in no great big hurry. I dread that long ass drive like the plague. I rekon that's part of "git'n older". I just cain't get into the travel mode.

Ok, I got a boat to work on. Oh wait, I got a water heater to fix. It's 49 degs out there....I can handle that.

Update: 2:30pm

Ok, while I was wait'n for it to get a bit warmer outside, I builded a door. Painted it red (not the same red as on the boat), painted the hinges black an' install 3 latch handles...knobs for city folk. Eight doors? I gonna be busy for a while.

Then, I worked on that chair. Played round with the swivel pivot point an' I'm gonna leave it right there. I'm think'n it's close enough.

Then....I went outside. The temp make it up to 56 degs, I can work on a water heater in that. First thing, I check the spark. Yup, it's fine. Then I loosen the propane supply line. Yup, I got propane. I pull the gas valve, something gotta be wrong with the gas valve. Well I want you take a lookie here, the orifice is plug up with something. Ain't no way in hell propane can go through that thing. *gotta go inside an' warm up*. I remove the orifice an' stick a needle through it. It's clear now. Put it all back together an' "walla", we got flame. I knowed I could do it...that's what I do ya know, fix stuff. 


  1. I've discovered that I'm seriously blind to details. Can see not a bit of difference ...ah well. It's bad cold here in this box. Porch full of ice - crunch, crunch, crunch. I'm going to bed and get warm!

    1. I hate it when a porch is full of ice....crunch, crunch, crunch. Now if'n it were me, I would have been out of there long ago when that first snow storm arrived.
      Bed is always good for "git'n warm".

    2. If'n you were me, you wouldn't be doing but what I'm doing. Cleaning snow or ice is totally beyond my capability now. Besides that, for two days I'm staggering badly, falling down like a drunk dog; ain't touched a drop. Pain level is at 10+ and rising presently. All very worrisome, I'm telling ye.

  2. OH! Yeah, I see that railing now. Duh Sissy

    1. Ha...when I get done, you gonna see them doors too.

  3. I see them doors better now and the railing, just need a door knob.

  4. 76 degrees and bright sun with a gentle breeze. This is how winter is supposed to be.

  5. The black on the door edges made them stand out a lot better. Good job.

  6. I'm with Dizzy, what you gonna name it? Tackawanna?

  7. "Procrastinate, one of MsB's favorite words. Now I don't know if'n she has the old Billy Bob beat or not when it comes to "I'll take care of that tomorrow". but I'm think'n it's a close race."

    Nope, I have you beat. Tomorrow is not in my vocabulary...maybe "in a couple of weeks or months?" jajajajaja :D

  8. You had pizza...we had spaghetti. While not turkey, it was a lot easier to fix!

    Maybe when I finally meet my TWC (Tall Weathered Cowboy) I am hoping besides having a strong back, computer knowledge, mechanic aptitude, off-grid know how and building skills...he also knows how to cook!