Saturday, November 15, 2014

Warmer today....by a couple degs

Now that weren't all that bad. Only got down to 28 degs last night an' 61 degs in "da house". Got me a yard full of sunshine this morn'n an' they talk'n a high in the mid 50's for the day.

 Chicken soup. Does anybody want a bowl of chicken noodle vegetable soup?
I don't know why I do it, but I do it every time....make way too much soup. This will last me for the next 4 days....an' who the hell wants to eat the same thing every day for the next 4 days?

Ok, the tug boat is look'n pretty sharp....if'n I do say so myself. *a couple taps on top the head* (like a dog)....."You're a good boy Billy Bob". But, there's something wrong. No, you cain't see it, but I can. An' there is no way to fix it. The hull has a slight warp....very slight. The main deck cabin has a slight warp....very slight. The pilot house.....it's got one too. We talk'n 1/32 to 1/16th inches here, so no, you will never see it. But when ya add three slight warps together, it's noticeable to a observant eye.

The tops of both mast call for a taper....smaller at the top than the bottom. Now how the hell I gonna do that? Ha, you talk'n to the old Billy Bob here. Break out my Dewalt drill thingy, chuck that mast up in it an' grabs holt to some files an' some heavy duty sand paper. A hour, or so later, I got me two perfectly tapered masts. Now I have a decision. Do I paint the masts black? Do I paint them tan or brown? Or, do I stain an' poly them?
 Ok, I see it. The mast on the left needs a little more attention to match the mast on the right. I can fix that.

Have ya ever went to Walmart, or any other drill bit sell'n place an' try to find a 1/32 inch drill bit? I did an' there ain't none. Ha, but you watch this, I'm gonna make one. Let's just call it "modify" a needle.

I could talk for the rest of the day, but what I talk bout, you ain't gonna find no interest. So I'm gonna just shut the hell up an' "do something". How do ya spell tug boat???

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