Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Work continues on the "billy jeep"

Well, here it is the next day.....dad gum clouds all over the place....an' the last day of beautiful weather for the next week. You DID know all bout that other cold front headed this way didn't you? Brrrrrrrr.....go'n back into the low 60's an' 50's start'n tomorrow.

Ok, here we go....the "billy jeep". We jack the back end that thing way up in the air, take the cover off'n the differential an' take a close look at some perfect, not a scratch on 'em, spider gears and ring an' pinion gears. There was no metal flakes in the bottom. Nuttin wrong here that we can see. We crank it up, drop the tranny in gear, wheels a spin'n. Not a sound....nuttin but a normal, tiny little whine as the gears meshed together.

Everthing we tried, we could NEVER make that loud grind'n noise. I scratch my head an' says...."What the hell"??? Now when I'm talk'n "loud grind'n noise" I'm talk'n loud....but only when one wheel is turn'n. That indicates spider gears if'n ya didn't know. But it never make that loud grin'n noise.

Ok, we ain't done quite yet. There's a slight vibration. Oh wait, I can move the axle in an out by .10 to 15 thousandths of a inch. We pull the axle where that vibration come from. Inspect the brand spank'n new bearing. Ain't nuttin wrong with that bearing. Everthing looks perfect. Axle is reinstalled. That thousandth of a inch is gone an' so is that slight vibration. Everthing is put back together, to be tested today. Please dear lord, no noises. I suppose I could update later on, but probly gonna make ya wait till tomorrow.

That tug boat. Well let me tell ya bout that tug boat. The deck is screwed. Or I could just leave it like it is an' say "to hell with it". But that ain't the way I work.....I'm a Libra ya know, stuff like this has got to be perfect. There is no way to remove the base coat of mixed stain an' polyurethane....even with duck tape an' WD-40. It's penetrated into the wood. After much consideration, a trip to Walmart, a can of tan paint will be purchased an' sprayed on the "screwed up" deck. But then again, I could order me some more wood an' start all over. My god, it would take me a week to do that. Decisions decisions.

"Yo mama" is down to just one winder an' the door to complete her "detailed" clean'n job. She has done a wonderful job. Everbody aughter have them a "yo mama". "That's all I have to say bout that"....GUMP.


  1. Good progress, Billy Bob. Getting stuff taken care of; your fix-it-list deminishing? Wish I had a yo mama to help. Needing help for sure.

    Yep, that is one good looking 'devil' (fellow) in the header. Your boat from the past?

    Dark clouds here too. Don't want that; didn't order that. Ordered sunshine and 75 degrees; hmph!
    Nobody listens to me, I see.

  2. Take a week to fix the tug boat deck? My goodness! Where ever will you find a week in your busy schedule?

  3. Yeah, I got a 'yo Daddy' from way back when. He's have my back if I needed him to. Good to stay friends.

  4. Please do not add insult to injury by painting the deck.
    Home Depot has veneer sheets 48 in long for under $12.00

  5. My brand new 1978 corvette would make that loud grinding noise the first few days and when I went to the dealer, I told him that he had to drive it for a while. He added a can of STP to the rear-end and it quit making noises. So your rear-end oil might be too thin when it warms up!

  6. In am attempt to recognize each of today's commenters....all I can say is Yeee Haaa!!!
    We took the "billy jeep" for a ride. Went around a corner an' there was that noise. Only one time.
    Pulled into Joann's what ever it's called an' fount some brand spank'n new 1/16th by 1/4 inch bass wood for the new decking. Home Depot an' Ace hardware for stain an' a can of *this* close to perfect red bottom paint.
    By the way, the rear end has 3 quarts of 75/140 synthetic oil in it. My god, $13 a quart.