Monday, November 24, 2014

Ain't no way it's 73 degs outside.....or is there?

Ha....this didn't take very long.....

I sit in that chair last night (2am till 3:30am). Ya see, I was gonna check out what it was like to sleep in a recliner instead of a bed. A little over a hour was all it took. I reline that thing all the ways back an' shut my eyes. Ha, that don't work when you're watch'n a good program on the TV. I got to go to bed (4am). Ain't nobody in their right mind stay up till 4am.....sheesh.

I had me somewhat of a time with that right hip all day yesterday. An' that brings up the question....why don't you git it fixed? Well ya see, I'm done with these doctors here in Georgia. Not that I don't like 'em or nuttin like that, but I got to git out of Georgia before the first snow fall. Shoot, the first freeze was bad enough.  Another doctor appointment an' I'll be shovel'n snow in sub zero freez'n temps.

But....with family an' all, it's hard to just pack up an' hit the road. I like be'n round my kids an' grandkids. I like be'n waited on hand an' foot when I'm in need of assistance. "Yo mama" is a hell of a cook. HIL Harry talks my ears plumb off on a daily basis. *strange situation to be camped in your X's yard after 40 years* 

Yes dad gum it, I worked on that tug boat yesterday. Ya see, it was rain'n like hell an' I don't like rain. I can handle the sound of it beat'n down on the roof, but when it's all cloudy an' gloomy outside, I don't like it a bit. Rain is for ducks. But anyhows, them stacks had finger prints all over them, a few scratches...stuff like that. I repainted them. Added them little stick thingys, cussed a few cuss'n words an' walla.
But, guess what....I don't like it. Them red stripes round the stacks are too wide for my like'n. Betcha a dollar I can fix that. Break out the tape an' repaint 'em narrow again.

Ok, that rain storm (cold front) what hit yesterday. Well, it was supposed to bring colder temps to the old Billy Bob's house. It's 73 degs outside an' the door is wide open. What the hell??? Shoot, I could go outside an' finish clean up the yard. But will I...that's the question. I'm think'n, while the repaint job is dry'n, I could take that leak'n regulator an' throw it in the dumpster. Throw them two "sun eat up" camp'n chairs in there too. Fill up a garbage bag, or two, with all that trash lay'n on the ground (construction materials). *I just throw shit out the door when I'm done with it ya know*. Round up all my miss'n tools an' put 'em back where they belong. Dang, that could turn into a bunch of "work".

I got to turn "da house" around. I cain't back this big sucker into the street an' then back it back into the yard. Too much dad gum traffic, an' there's a freak'n mail box right in my way. The wide open yard next door was my plan. But....it rained. I would sink up to the axles in all that Georgia red clay mud.
But wait, the old Billy Bob has a plan........more on that later when I attempt do it.

Ok, I got stuff to do. See ya tomorrow......laters.

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