Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A workable plan for "that chair"

The old Billy Bob ain't a happy camper this morn'n. I like to freeze plumb to death last night. Had to throw another blanket on the bed. Got down in the neighborhood of bout 17 or 18 degs last night. That folks, is NOT camp'n weather. Ok, so I'm not camp'n. But, I'm in "da house" though, an' "da house" do get cold.

Now....bout that damn chair. Beautiful comfortable big ass "damn chair".
Start'n with the original idea to replace the uncomfortable couch, the chair was gonna sit on the slide out floor. I mean....like where else can you put a recliner in a motorhome. Slide out floor is 28 inches deep. The chair is 35 inches deep. In order for the chair to do anything it's designed to do, it needs to be pulled a foot from the wall. With modification (two office chair rollers), this can be done. But, it's plumb ass ugly sit'n up there. I say "up there" cause the slide out floor is 2 1/2 inch higher than the main floor. This is option #1. It's workable.

Now, we can move the desk to where the couch used to sit an' place that chair on that side of the room. This is a more workable option....an' it won't be near as ugly. The chair will be at the correct height an' everbody will be happy. With very little modification. But this has drawbacks too. A new electrical circuit installed. Modify the cabinet I builded (cut 3 inches off'n the top).
God I hate the thought of the desk on the other side the room. 

"What the hell, that's not even close to scale".

I'm think'n this would be the better option. What ya think????
Ok, that's all I have to say bout that.....(Gump).

I may be back later with a update. Right now I got a desk to tear apart. Photo in a little bit.

Just a quick update on acid reflux. I was prescribed Ranitidine, a acid blocker, back in 2007. It has worked wonders for me. $4 at Walmart for 65 tabs. One a day. Now, some the nasty stuff I eat, it don't matter how many tabs ya take, it's gonna come up. I don't eat like normal people ya know.

See, I tole you I would be back.

Ha, everthing fits like a glove. I been measure stuff, cut'n to fit.....I'm almost done. The desktop has a new location. But, I'm gonna lower the thing bout 2 inches or so. Take bout 30 minutes or so.

Now I got a ton of tools to pick up off the floor. Project is not finished yet, but it's gonna work out just fine.

The old oak kitchen table will be installed behind the chair (recliner). Mr. Heater will live somewhere's back there.

Speak'n of measure stuff to fit, you cain't do that in a motorhome. Motorhomes are builded out of square an' nuttin is plumb.

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