Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ain't no sleep at Billy Bob's house

Ha...it's 5:30 am. "What the hell ya do'n up at this hour Billy Bob....don't ya ever sleep"?
Well yeah I sleep. When I go to bed.

Ya see, I decided to go sit in that chair for a bit. Pooof, just like that....I was sound asleep in nuttin flat. I sleeped a good 3 or 4 hours. Missed my program on the TV. Before I know it, after watch'n some worthless crap on TV, it's time to go to bed (1am). I ain't a bit sleepy....I'll work on that tug boat, that's what I'll do. Then it's 2am, then 3am, then 4am an' then 5am. I make me up a pot of coffee. I still ain't sleepy.  I'm think'n today is gonna be one messed up day.

This is all I got done.....my god, it takes hours to make stuff an' pain't 'em. By the way, all painting is done by spray can.

Ok, listen to this. It got up to a whopp'n 78 degs yesterday. During them wonderful warm temps, I went outside an' clean up the yard. Pick up stuff an' put it where it supposed to be. No, it ain't all done....there's still more. Did a hammer an' screwdriver fix on that leak'n regulator. Reinstalled it an' it don't leak no more. Got a great big leaf bag full of trash. Did a little housework, not that it needed it. Warsh up dishes, sweep an' mop the floor, take trash out, listen to some cajun music....you know what I'm talk'n bout...it was a good day.

Yawn yawn, cain't see straight....I think I'm get'n ready to pass slap out. Maybe I'll go over there an' lay back in that chair an' see what happen. I'll be back later to finish this.

Well shoot, that was a nice 4 hour nap. Got up grouchy an' stuff. Heat up that coffee an' now, a hour later, everthing is just fine. Ain't hardly any hip pain. That chair???

Now I got to tell ya something bout the old Billy Bob. He's been a loner all his life. Needs to be able to come an' go any time he wants. Been very careful who I become friends with. I can count 'em on one hand. Well, maybe two hands. To be tied down in one location don't fit my style. Like my son Robert say the other day...."when daddy get the wild hair, he's gone". Poooof....just like that.

Yes, I been very comfortable here in Georgia, camp'n in "yo mama's" yard. Kids an' grandkids show'n up all the time. Cheap rent an' free food once in a while. But, it's get'n close to that time to hit the road. "Ha ha Billy Bob, you're a month late". I'll not be spend'n the rest my life in Georgia. Advil has give me a new look on life. But I do know, I'll not be pain free.

Ok, I got a boat I got to work on. Laters..... 


  1. Ok, where did all my comments go????

  2. That tug is really coming along Billy Bob, and looking great! I know the feeling about sleeping in the recliner - happens to me all the time. But I'm so glad you have found a comfortable place to sit - enough that you CAN sleep in it.
    Bring that chair (and the tug, and Sadie Mae, and gosh darn it, yourself) on home to Texas, and all sorts of things will be better. Although it wasn't 78 degrees here yesterday. You got us beat there!