Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We swak'n some golf'n balls....beautiful day

First thing this morn'n, my lower back hurts like a sum-a-gun. I was all fine an' dandy when I went to bed two hours early....yes, two hours (11:30pm). I sleeped too many hours, yup, that's what it is....sleeped too many hours.

Oh boy, I can hardly wait. That storm (cold front) is gonna hit here sometimes tonight....temps are gonna drop. That would be fine for me if'n it was gonna be for only a day or so, but this sucker is gonna last for a week or more. We talk'n lows in the upper to low 20's...a few low 30's. Day time mostly lower 50's with a few 40's. There will be no golf ball swak'n, fish'n or yard maintenance until this thing passes. Gonna be sit'n my ass in "da house" where it's nice an' warm.
Don't take them numbers as gospel....all numbers are subject to change.

Me an' Robert jump in his truck. We headed to Douglasville to pick up my doctor reports. We did that. Robert is hungry. We pick up a couple breakfast biscuit thingys....mine with a slab of sausage on it. Don't need to say no more bout that. My entire round of golf was stomach misery....rumbles an' belch'n cheap sausage. Cain't wait to get back to "da house" an' eat me some Alka Seltzer.

Now, bout that golf'n game. First two holes I'm in the fairway. Way the hell down there by the sand trap. Got a 1 over par on the first hole (par 5). Parred the next hole. Shoot, I'm gonna have me a good game. It was downhill from that point on. Sand traps, my ball loves sand traps. I never hit so many sand traps in my entire life time.....Grrrrrrrr. But play'n a round of golf with your #1 son (first born) is worth more than any low score. By the way, I still beat him by 4 strokes.

Did I hurt??? Nope, I didn't hurt hardly none at all. Oh, I feeled a few little pains back there, but nuttin like I was expect'n. But I went prepared....a Tylenol III before the game an' a couple Advils in my pocket. Never needed the Advils. This morn'n is a new story.

Not much tug boat construction yesterday night. Ya see, I was sit'n here look'n at that boat.....something is crookit. The lower cabin is higher on one side. The pilot house leans to the left. This has got to be fixed before I do anything else. An' that's exactly what I did. Nobody will ever see it. It's all straight just like it should be. Oh Oh.....pilot house needs to be painted again. Dad gum super glue sure can rune (ruin) a paint job.

Ok, nuttin else excit'n happen yesterday....I'm done, finished.....see ya tomorrow.


  1. BB you want weather. Low this AM- 14. Noon time- 18 w/ wind chill 4. Come on up, we have a nice RV park and seasons too. Be careful with your back, I got the same problems. Good luck with the tug boat. I'll be watching. Ed in Amarillo.

  2. Glad you had some good golf ball swak'n! You sound pretty upbeat today.

  3. Now thats sounds like and awesome day, golf ball swakin with number 1 son and next to no pain. Gotta love it!