Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dang, it looks like a tug boat

Holy crap!!! I got out of bed this morn'n feel'n like I been kneeded in a glob of bread dough. I had dad gum leg cramps again. My lower back hurted like hell. An' that right hip feel like somebody get piss off an' stab me with a knife. Something must be wrong with my bed. Either that or this "trip" stress is get'n to me. Then again, it could be from tote'n all that heavy lumber to build this tug boat.
"Billy Bob, you sit too much". 

I was just sit'n there look'n cross the room at that tug boat. I had no intention to spend half a day work'n on no stink'n model boat. Well, guess what the old Billy Bob did yesterday afternoon? He sanded some of that "slight warp" out an' adjusted fit. He worked on the masts. Winders were installed in the pilot house. Now it looks like a tug boat.

The two masts have been completed....tapered, sanded, little tiny holes have been marked off an' drilled with a freak'n needle drill bit.  An' the top 2 inches has received two coats of white paint. But they ain't finished by a long shot. Since the Lackawana was constructed of steel (1901), the masts were probly made of steel pipe also....not wood. That means I'm probly gonna paint 'em black.

Now let me tell ya bout winders. My god, it took a good 3 hours to get them things sanded, painted an' installed. I'm happy with the results. Much more detail to be added to the pilot house.

Remember we was talk'n comfort for the old Billy Bob??? Well let me tell ya....that couch sucks. It's too dad gum stiff for this old man. I need comfort. Just down the road a piece, is this Lazy Boy sell'n place. Me an' Robert checked it out not long ago. That "one" chair I did not want to get out of crosses my mind. Not a recliner, but my god, that sucker feel sooo good. Just a thought.

The weather is the one factor deciding my departure date. Well, there's a couple other factors involved too. Leav'n family is one. Git'n excitis is another.

Speak'n of family....bout 12 or 15 of 'em, they go'n on a cruise ship vacation to the Caribbean. For a freak'n week. I was invited to tag along, but I don't do great big ol' 10 story two thousand people ships. Wait'n in line a hour for a hot dog an' fries. An' I don't spent a thousand dollars for a week ride on no freak'n boat. Start'n today, it will be two weeks before they return. Decisions decisions....will I still be here when they return?

Ok, it's a beautiful day outside, 57 degs. an' sunshine. I have stuff to pack up lay'n all over the yard. More cold weather headed this way....don't waste today.

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