Thursday, November 20, 2014

Update....Continuation of comfot zone

This is just for you Max.
Yes I looked at the wall huggers, but wall huggers can not have the swivel attachment attached. Due to the location of my TV, I need to swivel as I recline into a "nap'n" situation.
Bout the Mr Heater. You will be soooo happy to purchase one. The savings from 100% efficiency versus 60% efficiency from a furnace will pay for it's self in nuttin flat.
When I purchased mine, I also bought the hook up hose with it, bout 8 feet long. Come with a regulator...what I throwed in the trash. Bought a few fit'ns at Home Depot an' hook that hose up after the house regulator.
I also have another hose installed to hook up an' external propane tank to "da house". If'n my house tank runs dry, I can hook up my BBQ tank.....5 gallon, last bout a week in cold weather.

Ok, due to the opinion of OFM Barney (thank ya Barney), I now have a wonderful comfort zone. I sit at that desk last night....did me a little cuss'n. The office chair don't get close enough to the desktop for "comfort". But guess what??? The old Billy Bob figger out a way to fix that too. A slide out desktop. That what I'm gonna do. But anyhows, I am satisfied with the new location. Kind of sorta.

Then I went an' sit in the recliner...watch'n TV an' sip'n up a cup an' burn'n some smokes. My god, I like this. Look'n at the floor plan, I have lost very little space. Ya wanna dance???

The old kichen chair has been delivered by HIL Harry. It looks, with a little modification, it will fit perfectly. The modification tools are still lay'n on the floor.

Ok, it's time to "do something". Later in the day I'll update.

Ok, I an't got much time for talk'n....I got stuff to clean up.

The desktop is complete. I did exactly what I said I was gonna do, the desktop slides out to 33 inches from the wall. But, it took more than the 30 minutes I was talk'n bout. Try bout 3 or 4 hours work by two conscientious desk builders. The electric thingy hang'n on the wall is supplied by way of the microwave receptacle in a cabinet. We good to go.

Oh, just  in case ya want to comment on that filthy carpet, it will be replaced at a later date.

Then when that project was completed, the table was modified for a perfect fit in the corner.

  Well shoot, we done. Now I can get back to "do'n nuttin".

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