Saturday, November 8, 2014

Well shoot.....it was cold

Holy cows, I waked up way early (6:30) this morn'n freez'n slap to death. It was cold in "da house"....an' I mean it was some kind of cold. I'm gonna betcha bout a dollar it was 48 degs in here....accord'n to my Walmart special temp thingy. Showed outside temp of 29 degs.....give or take. Crank up my Mr Heater, put that sucker on high (18,000 btu) an' put me some heat in here. I'm gonna survive.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time......my house catched on fire. Ya see, I lived in West Virginia at the time an' it gets super cold up there. I builded me a wood or coal burn'n stove to keep it nice a cozy in the house while the temps dropped to 0 or -10 degs outside....a ton of snow on the ground. I run out of coal, so's I had a friend bring me a cord of wood. Un-cured wood. That means creosote. Have ya ever hear a chimney fire? Sound like a choo choo train....flames shoot'n out the top. My roof catched on fire. Not a big fire, but enough that it had to be put out right now....call 911.

In my underdrawers, I runs down the hill to fetch a jug of R-22 refrigerant out my service truck. That will cool that fire down. Up to the roof I climb. Put that fire out in nuttin flat. All looks good.

Thirty minutes later, up the holler come a fire department truck. Red lights flash'n. Out jumps bout 4 or 6 firemen....stretch'n hoses an' shit. Two climb up in the attic. A foot comes through the sheetrock. Water is pour'n out. My god, don't never call the fire department. Triple wall stainless steel vent pipe was installed to replace the double wall pipe. All was warm an' cozy again.

So what do ya do when you ain't got nuttin to do? Well shoot, that easy....ya work on a tug boat. A color scheme has been decided. Old antique tug boats are black an' red ya know....with a bit of white added. A strip of white paint was applied to the top of the hull and to the insides. Now, if'n I don't like it, it can easily be changed to black. Black will be applied today just below the white strip.
*shak'n that can of black paint*

While that white paint was dry'n, construction of the lower cabin was started. My god, it fits.
Dang, ya cain't see the white paint. It come out good though. *still shak'n that can of black paint*
But there's still some prep that needs done first. Draw the water line an' tape it off. A little sand'n to smooth it out. Tape the white paint so's no black paint gets on it. Dang, I can hardly wait. 

Oh wait. I got to go to Walmart. I'm out of coffee an' a bunch of other stuff.



  1. Actually I did have a horrible chimney fire. 2 fire trucks, a water tanker, 2 police cruisers and EMS, all with screaming sirens, finally got there 20 minutes after I got it put out. Thank heavens; they would have ruined everything with water. Oh my, I could write a tome about my many fire experiences through out my life; yet here I still am, un-singed and shivering in this unwelcome weather with fingers crossed. I do think I live in the Twilight Zone!

    Boat coming right along fine. Looking good, Billy Bob.

  2. Good grief it was cold here this morning. It was 60 with bright sun. Lots of fish caught this morning by my fishing friend. 11 undersize trout and a 17,19 and 21 that he took home to eat.

  3. Cold nights and mornings can be dealt with, but does it warm up throughout the day? You're sounding pretty upbeat, Billy Bob!