Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is Sunday a holiday???

Well that weren't too bad. Low temp last night got down to 33 degs. an' I was all snug an' cozy in my nice warm bed. When I finally roll out this morn'n, inside "da house" temp was right at 60 degs. Mr Heater fix that up in nuttin flat to a nice 72 deg. If ya ever buy yerself a motorhome an' go camp'n where it gets cold, do not remove the furnace. Keep it for emergencies.....such as temps below 40 degs.

Boy howdy them grankids sure did bring a grin to my face yesterday. One 21 year old an' the other 13 year old....Nick an' Mack. Macks friend Hunter, just sit there look'n at his cell device....ask'n questions of my past....fingers go'n wild thumb'n the hammer on my .357 pistol. NO, we ain't gonna shoot it. Was a very nice two or three hour visit. Then they was gone....pooof, just like that. I'm all alone with nuttin to do.

Speak'n of a .357 magnum old western style revolver, YES they do kick. Not near as bad as a .44 magnum, but when ya shoot it, you know it. When I bought this gun, I didn't buy it to shoot, I bought it to hang on the wall. Never did personal protection enter my mind. But, if the situation should ever arise, just the loudness of the explosion would scare hell out the attacker.....run a hunnert mile a hour.

Now that reminds me the time....I was in Spain. Me an' a feller shipmate decided we was gonna go fish'n in the Mediterranean Sea. We 'borried" a row boat. For a oar we used a old 2x4, what don't work too well. It was dark. We spyed a row boat tied to a pier. I betcha that boat has oars we can borry. We had just climb back into our row'n boat with a set of row'n oars, when out of the darkness here come bout 8 or 20 scream'n Spaniards....one tote'n a big ol' gun. Pointed right at me an' my fish'n buddy. Ha....we return to port right quick like. Shore Patrol was called. We go'n to the brig (jail) for sure....that what I was think'n anyhows.

After much discussion, the shore patrol released us....to return the row boat we had "borrowed" an' git back to the ship before midnight. Man boy howdy, I was skeered shitless.

Ok, so nobody likes tug boats....or the construction of one. Well I do. An' I'm gonna talk bout it. Ya see, when ya got yerself a hobby, that hobby consumes your mind, body an' soul. Like fish'n does to some folks....they gotta talk bout it. Yeah, I like fish'n too, but I ain't fish'n. I'm build'n a freak'n tug boat.
Until I get back on the road, headed back to Texas, you'll hear no stories bout travel. But you will hear bout build'n boats....an' "fix'n stuff".

Yes I worked on the boat yesterday. But not for very long. The rudder has been completed an' installed. The hull has been sanded in preparation of paint'n. Smooth as a babies butt. Now, what colors do I paint? I'm *this* close to a shiny black hull, flat black stacks an' off white cabin. Maybe, just maybe, a coat of primer will be applied to the hull today. Dang it's cold outside. Can ya paint in the cold? Now where the hell did I put that can of primer????

Ok, let's take a minute to talk bout how I feel this morn'n. I got up with a pretty sore back. A little bended over an' a pain shoot'n through my right hip. Instead of tak'n a couple Advils, I took me up a Tylenol III. That got codeine in it ya know. Have my aches an' pains been bearable? Yes they have......but!!!! I'm think'n some time in the near future I'm gonna have to do something. But not today.

Ya see, the only thoughts run'n in my mind is to get the hell out of Georgia. It gets cold in Georgia ya know. But what the hell am I gonna do in Texas? I got to go south that's for sure. But where? An' what am I gonna do when I get there. After be'n around family for the entire summer, I'm gonna miss 'em when I leave. In case ya didn't know it, I got MORE family in Texas. Son Daniel, daughter Angela an' 5 more grandkids. Austin area. Too cold in Austin for the old Billy Bob.

While I'm on the subject....NO Louie, I'm NOT go'n to the Mission, Texas area. I'm ain't got me no interest in find'n me no 73 year old "rich" widder woman. With that said Louie, no more talk bout widder wimmins....OK????   

Ok, I got things to do. Gotta clean the desktop if'n I'm gonna work on that boat. Floor could use a sweep'n again. Oh my god, dishes in the sink. I'm hungry. My feet are cold. Sheesh, a typical day at Billy Bob's house.

See ya laters....


  1. no idle comments from this direction. the reply toward louie scared hell out of me, enough to stay dead-quiet. peoples do have 'feelings' that get hurt with hateful comebacks; affects one deep and forever. sad situation, bb. louie only talking, not pushing you.

    1. There was nuttin "hateful" with what I said to Louie. It was simply a request that he no longer talk bout widder wimmins.

      Now your comment, on the other hand, Anony, kind of leans towards the "let's get Billy Bob".

  2. Being around lots of family is what keeps me in California, which I don't like for living year around, and not in western North Carollina which is pure heaven to me. Family trumps everything in my mind.

    1. I been to North Carolina a few times. That's where they call a water hose a "hose pipe"....right.
      Now, bout stay'n in N.C., I'm think'n a couple months in the summer time would be perfect. More than that, I would be look'n for some desert.

  3. Well, Snot! My comment GONE. I forgot to highlight and copy. Now forgot what I wrote. Anyhow, yep, winter has hit me with vengeance 19-25F tonight. 7 inch snow yesterday Now that's a LOT of snow to me.

    I do agree with Gypsy. Nothing compares. I like US23. Like riding a snake's path!

    1. Holy crap girl, I'm sit'n down here whinn'n bout how cold it is an' you're up there freez'n to death. I knowed it snowed up your way, but 7 inches......yikes.

    2. I consider it a bit extreme for this early in the season. A very wet snow that mostly melted off today ...Mostly, except for the ice on the porch. Actually I'm in a mild panic about what I may be in for this winter and only one heat source. I did pile on the blankets for tonight.

      "Ok, so nobody likes tug boats"
      Who said this? Not me!

      Blasted Google - Sissy
      And where in tarnation did that not-robot do-whichit come from.
      Tried posting a reply on my blog other day and had to prove I'm not a robot. Life is gettin' wearisome at times.

  4. Not a widow woman, I'm a twice divorced one,, lol. AND, at my age, WTH wants to put up with an old geezer? So, guess I'm saying I'm like you a lot. Like my go, do, say, when I want.